October 13, 2000


Proposition 38 Receives Support!

Why do the leaders of MIMEXCA (Mi-grant Mexicans For Change) support Prop. 38? For the same reason they supported Vicente Fox whose platform include recognition of education as the most powerful instrument for the expansion of opportunity for all of Mexico's citizens and migrants to the US. They refused to sit by with arms crossed and chose to fight to make certain that the government did not forget them.

The statistics for education for Hispanics in California are dismal. 42% of Hispanic children drop out of high school. Hispanic Children rank at the bottom in reading and math scores and attend the lowest performing schools with the highest number of unqualified and uncredentialed teachers. For those lucky enough to go on to college, only 4 out of every hundred will ever graduate. California's public education system has miserably failed California's Hispanic children and parents.

Piedad Ayala, MIMEXCA Vice President says, "we all seek opportunity when we come to this country. Prop. 38 Yes is an opportunity that the politicians want to take away from us. If we don't support this change, we will never accomplish more. We have to fight for choices. We have to take advantage of this opportunity to effect change in the failing education system in California. The future is in our hands. Prop 38 Yes will improve all of California's schools - public and private."

Prop. 38 Yes, School Vouchers would give at least $4,000 to every parent to send their child to the school of their choice, provide educational accountability to parents and students and ensure smaller class sizes and safer schools, all without a tax increase.

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