October 12, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks

La Prensa scoops all media on Susan Braun's threat to shoot John DeBeck & Frances Zimmerman. El Jefito y su grupo de reporteros stayed up half de la noche on Oct 4th to get the story out. By 8:00a.m. Friday the 5th, we were on the streets with the story! 30,000 hard copies were out on the streets! By 2:00 p.m. the story was on the World Wide Web on < www.laprensa-sandiego.org> to the whole world! All other media were asleep at the switch!


PREGUNTA: How come the Oct. 5th evening television news stations that carried the Susan Braun story all stated "That according to a Union Tribune story! Bla, bla, bla.... The UNION TRIBUNE didn't come out with the story until 24 hours later on OCTOBER SIX (6)! How come you folks find it so hard to give credit where it's due?????????? (Racism? Discrimination?)


Gotta say the Tony Guinn tribute was a todo dar (A-OK). Tony has earned it. It was kind of nice to see some of the old timers from 82. Those were the days when you paid a couple bucks to enjoy a ball game and a quarter for a hot dog and popcorn, and two-bits for a can of beer.


Use to be a time, gente, when La Raza owned six daily newspapers across the nation. Now, we don't own any. Oh, ya, they have Spanish names, pero, you know the big boys bought them off. Even La Opinion is owned by the L.A. Times. La Raza has to deal with the hard truth that we only own weeklies, monthlies and/or quarterlies. Even some of those are owned by the giant dailies (Enlace). The majority are tabloids. All in all at last count there are perhaps 200 of those nationally. La Prensa San Diego, a full size broadsheet newspaper, is one of the largest Chicano newspapers in circulation and one of the few in the country that has a Web site...


Welcome home Tom Mar-tinez! Even though he is 85 years old, Sr. Martinez took a flight to New York City, by himself, to visit the site of the terrorist bombing. Tom spend a good part of his life as head of the International Seafarers Union in New York City. He was restless and worried about what had happened. So, he took off. He is back now. All he says is that he will never go back again.


Outrage being expressed over the efforts to whitewash Sue Braun's threat to shoot DeBeck and Zimmerman. Strange isn't it that when one of our kids sends threats of that nature to other students they are pulled from school charged in a court of law and sent to the slammer and their lives ruined over their "childish pranks" though their threats were not communicated directly to the target of their E-Mails!


PREGUNTA: Does the District Attorney's office have a different interpretation of Section 422 of the Penal Code than the rest of the legal profession? Does it anywhere in the law say that this law applies only to students, Mexicans, Blacks, and to all people who are not part of the establishment clique? No wonder D.A. Pfingst is in political troubles. He still doesn't get it UNDER THE LAW WE ARE ALL EQUAL!


ACLU where are you??? MALDEF donde estas??? GOVERNOR DAVIS where is your State Board of Education on this travesty of Justice??? Do you have to see the dead bodies before you act?

The silence is deafening from the County Superintendent of Education!




Este Indio está muy enoja-do... Parece que nomás en nuestras escuelas... NO HAY JUSTICIA!


PREGUNTA: Porque/why haven't our American leaders of today's Latino organizations/Coalitions etc. brought San Diego Unified School District Trustee Edward Lopez under the same scrutiny as Trustee Ron Ottinger & Sue Braun? Lopez has walked in lock step with them in supporting Superintendent Bersin and his "Reform Program" that has been disastrous to minority children? Lopez hasn't raised his voice once in behalf of the thousands of Latino & Black minority children in the San Diego Unified School District? They are the most endangered by Bersin's programs. Its time contemporary organization leaders bite the bullet and remove Lopez from office. "If he can't do the walk or do the talk" what good is he?

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