October 11, 2002

La Prensa San Diego

Nancy Mulcahy

Southwestern College Board of Trustees Seat 4

Nancy Mulcahy is a woman on a mission: to be a strong advocate of education and to serve the community. “What better place is there than to be part of the creative process of contributing to the growth and success of our Community Southwestern College”? After four years of that driving motivation, Nancy Mulcahy is a determined woman to continue in her mission for the College and the students.

She is counting on the residents, that live within the sphere of Southwestern Community College, to recall and remember all her efforts to make Southwestern an institution that serves all the residents of the South Bay community. The students are counting on and depending on the professors and administrators at SWC to provide them with the education and opportunity that is necessary, for their development and success.

In the past four years, Nancy Mulcahy has served as the Vice President and President of the Board of Trustees of Southwestern College. “I am proud of our achievements during these past four years. I feel that I have contributed to what I consider a major growth period of our Community College. I have served with dedication as a Trustee, who has been dedicated to academic rigor, and as a team player. I brought to the Board a calm objective view to the process and maintained my prerogative to be an independent thinker. I promoted programs that would be advantageous to all our students whether they were aiming for a Vocational program or prep for transferring to a major University.”

Nancy Mulcahy is proud to have joined with the Superintendent/President Dr. Serafín Zasueta and her fellow Trustees in promoting the Satellite Centers, Distance Learning and bring technology into SWC classrooms. “Our Dental Hygiene (Health Sciences), Paramedic and Nursing have become leaders in the county. We have developed Award Winning Journalism programs. The Department of Arts and Communications has also won it share of awards, as well as the Concert Choir all of which have been internationally recognized,” pointed out Mrs. Mulcahy.

With the diverse population that is part of the essence that makes Southwestern College special, Mrs. Nancy Mulcahy is proud of her participation in being part of the team that foster cultural activities, presentations, lectures, class discussions, community outreach programs that made Southwestern College special in the hearts and minds of the students and brought pride to the staff for having been part of the synergy that helped bring this all about.

It is a distinct pleasure to Endorse Nancy Mulcahy for re-election to seat 4 based on her outstanding record of the past four years. We look forward to seeing her once again on the Board of Trustees where her special skills are so needed and urge her to “stay the course”!

La Prensa San Diego Board of Editors
Is pleased to ENDORSE

Nancy Mulcahy

For Board of Trustees Seat # 4
Southwestern College

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