October 10, 2003



The voters of the State of California have spoken and they let their will be known - Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is the new governor. We may not be happy with the results but it is a snapshot of an outcome determined under a compressed time frame where ample time was not available to politically analyze the candidates and the underlying issues.

We can’t help being disappointed that the voters allowed this recall initiative to circumvent the Democratic process. The initiative petition was not a result of the voters will, but a tool that was bought for and controlled by the wealthy 18 percent of the citizens that control the nations wealth. The initiative petition has been co-opted by the rich to establish their control over the working class citizens of the country. We are disappointed that the right-wing segment of the Republican Party, in particular one wealthy individual, was able to manipulate this recall process upon the state, tapping into the frustration and anger, and were able to bring this whole process about.

In passing, we are especially disappointed to see the resurgence of ex-governor Pete Wilson within the ranks of the Republican Party. Apparently, he has risen from the ashes of disgrace, which he generated when his racist agenda failed to resonate with the nation. The Republican Party did everything they could to distance themselves from his legacy. The election of Schwarzenegger has revived his career. Wilson has now been trusted back into a policymaking position as Schwarzenegger’s right hand man. Pete Wilson is now co-joined with a Governor who publicly admits admiring Adolph Hitler. We fear for the future of race relations in our state.

Lastly, there is a deep sense of disappointment with the 31 percent of the Latinos in California who showed so little remembrance of the Wilson past and of his connection to Schwarzenegger. He who forgets history is bound to repeat it. Will there be a loyal cadre of CHICANOS to fight for their human and civil rights again? Quien Sabe!

Lastly, the Democratic Party, which has abandoned the Hispanic-Latino community by turning itself into the party of the Gay community, and has made Gay and Lesbian issues paramount, this has alienated the Hispanic community, that is conservative in nature. Perhaps that is why they are now turning to the Republican Party KINDA LIKE JUMPING OUT OF THE FRYING -PAN INTO THE FIRE! .

For the Hispanic community this will be a step backward – the MEXTERMINATOR IS NOW IN TOWN!

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