October 7, 2005


Special Statewide Election Scheduled For November 8, 2005 The Publisher of La Prensa San Diego recognizes the fact that there are very few media outlets which are directed to inform the Mexican American on the merits of the Initiatives being proposed. Our points of view on the Propositions are analyzed from the perspective of our community, their needs, and interests of the Mexican American voters. With these qualifications, the Board of Editors of La Prensa San Diego, will be submitting recommendations to you, the voters, that we hope will assist you on making your choices on this upcoming Election.

PROPOSITION 75: Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on political Contributions; Employee Consent Requirement.

Summary: Should Public Employee Unions be required to obtain annual written consent from each member in order to use a portion of that member’s dues for political activity?

Prop 75 would prohibit using Public Employee Union dues for political contributions without the individual employees’ prior consent. Excludes contributions benefiting charities or employees. Requires Unions to maintain and, upon request, report member political contributions to Fair Political Practices Commission.

Meaning of Voting Yes/No

A YES vote on this measure means: Public Employee Unions would be required to get annual, written consent from government employee union members and nonmembers to charge and use any dues or fees for political purposes.

A NO vote on this measure means: Public Employee Unions could charge and use dues or fees for political purposes without annual, written consent. Fees from a nonmember of a union could not be spent on political purposes if the nonmember objects.

At the crux of this issue is the perceived undue influence that the Unions have on the political process within the State and ultimately across the nation. And this is an attempt to muffle the voice of the Unions.

We can talk about and debate the influence of Unions in the political process, but if we are going to hold this debate then, as a State we must also include the undue influences that millionaire individuals, billion dollar businesses, multi-national corporations have. We also must include, in the conversation, the undue influence that organizations such as Medical Doctor Associations, Certified Public Accountants Associations, Farmers Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Builders Associations, just to name a few of the Associations and Clubs, statewide and nationally that collect dues/fees for the purpose of influencing the political life of the country. The difference between these Associations and the Unions is that on the whole these associations and corporations tend to support the Republican Party and issues that impact on the wealthy while Unions represent the working class people of the Nation!

Union dues and how they are spent is an issue that needs to be decided by Union members. Unions are a democratic process that requires elected officials and the responsibility of the Union members to decide and vote on what is in their best interest.

How Union dues are spent is not an issue that should not be decided by a vote of the State’s voters, but should be left to the discretion of the Union members where it belongs.

If California is going to muffle or try to prevent the Middle Class, the working Class from having a voice in the affairs of the State and Nation, then this nation is in danger of becoming a nation controlled and ruled by the wealthy and America would cease to be “the land of the brave, the free,” in a sense the end of everything that is embodied in our Constitution would cease to be.

Send a loud message to those who would want to destroy our nation with their lust and greed for power!


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