October 7, 2005

Foreign Journalist Addressed By La Prensa San Diego

La Prensa San Diego was invited by the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, Delphi International, and the San Diego office of International Visitors, Tuesday, October 4, 2005, to address a contingent of Editors, Reporters, Writers, Correspondents, and Researchers that were selected by the Delphi International Program of World Learning. The group has been touring the Country and meeting with various representatives of this country’s Newsprint Media. The Publisher of La Prensa San Diego, Daniel L. Muñoz Sr. and Editor Dan Muñoz Jr. were invited to enter into a roundtable discussion with the visitors and respond to their queries.

Much to our surprise, we were greeted by 22 representatives of the world media, who had asked to meet with La Prensa San Diego. The questions raised made it quite clear that they were interested in knowing how a small media could survive, especially a “minority owned print media”. Unstated at first, was the question “How is it that you can command such a large audience when it is obvious that you don’t have any financial support (i.e. advertising)? How can you take strong positions against the Government? Have you been threatened by the Police? Is your family threatened? With the high death rates of foreign media personnel, it is quite clear that “Freedom of the Press” is not the norm in many foreign countries. There is an evident hunger in the foreign press that cries out for freedom of the press. They want to speak out on the truths they see but fear for their lives. La Prensa San Diego spoke out on its experiences when it first came out in 1976. We reminded them that America was founded by Pamphleteers who had fear but nevertheless attack the English Monarchy in order to win its freedom! They had no newspapers, radios, televisions etc, just a pen or pencil with which they fearlessly spoke out against the tyranny of England.

The conference lasted over two hours. We were happy to be able to share with them our “American Experiences. We have no fear in America, we have a Constitution that protects the Freedom of the press. Someday all countries will realize the importance of having a free and open society.

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