October 6, 2000

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

Urrutia Cuts The Only Ear in Tijuana

A very light crowd of about 2,000 was on hand for the 11th corrida of the 2000 temporada, at Pepe López Hurtado's "Beautiful Bullring by The Sea," to watch Fermin Espinosa, Antonio Urrutia, and Miguel La Hoz face six bulls from Alfonso Franco. The toros, in general, were mostly manso.

We must pause, here, to note that the morning of the corrida, Urrutia received news of his mother's death, from cancer. That he performed at all, provided testimony of his courage and afición.


To Fermin's first bull, "Don Penicilino," at 475 kilos, the matador opened with light Verónicas. His faena was luke warm, very wide, on the right side, only. After a good sword, he was applauded.

His second toro, "Don Martin," with 505 kilos, allowed him to give a nice set of Verónicas with strong media Verónicas. After the picking, Urrutia came out to give a set of Tapataillas. Fermin then gave a great set of Chicuelinas for the first ovation of the day. However, when the faena came, Fermin didn't want to play. It was a "Please, Mr. Postman" faena. The bull and Fermin were in different zip codes, very wide and no investment of the matador. After two swords, the bull dropped. No awards.


With his first bull, "Don Luis," at 485 kilos, there was nothing to be done with the capote. Following the pic'ing, Antonio went to the center of the ring to dedicate the bull to his late mother. He then proceeded to give a very solid faena on both sides, dominating the animal and showing great temple. After an effective 3/4 sword, he was awarded a well-deserved ear.

For his second animal, "Espontáneo," 480 kilos, Antonio really stepped it up. A great set of Verónicas, then a great faena on both sides, with great temple and dominio. It was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, bad luck with the sword erased any consideration for trophies.

La Hoz

A very fine, journeyman torero, La hoz drew the two worst bulls of the day and did nothing.

The next corrida will be Oct. 15, at Plaza Monumental, and will feature the sensational rejoneador Pablo Hermosa de Mendosa and matadores El Zapata and César Castaneda.


Juan José Giron nephew of the great César Giron, took his alternativa last week, cut three ears, and left on shoulders. The corrida was held in Benal-madena.


Mexican Matador "El Zotoluco" has recorded still another successful performance in Spain, this one in Jaen. With this action, El Zotoluco has worked in 28 Spanish corridas.


Mexican novillero Antonio Bricio cut the only ear in the Spanish plaza, Sierra de Guadarrama, a suburd of Madrid.


Sensational Spanish Matador José Tomás has cut short his season, as the result of a grave goring that he suffered, Sept. 19 in Salamanca. He will lose dozens of corridas.

Another Spanish matador, Manuel de Jesus "El Cid" is likewise, recuperating from a grave goring, suffered in Madrid. He hopes to perform in the Feria del Pilar, in Zaragoza, Oct. 12.


Enrique Ponce and Manuel Caballero left the ring on shoulders, last week, during the Feria de Ubeda.

Eloy Cavazos was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken rib, during a corrida in San Miguel del Alto, Jalisco.


Here's the latest update on the condition of Spanish novillero Jaime Reyes, who suffered the rupture of the femoral artery, two weeks ago. Doctors have now removed him from the critical list and have announced that it will not be necessary to amputate the injured leg. The novillero speaks of nothing except a rapid return to the rings, which probably won't happen until the 2001 season.


The latest on the scandal involving shaved horns and underage novillos in La Plaza Mexico, the ganaderos union has announced that, until further notice, its members will no longer sell novillos to that prestigious plaza de toros. Will this scandal ever be resolved?

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