October 6, 2000

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"Bush y Gore," criticizing without explanation

In response to a recent letter "Educación, Bush y Gore" (Sept., 22, 2000), this letter criticizes Bush, yet fails to explain how his voucher program would allow Hispanics to send their children to a school of their choice.

By favoring Gore's program this letter supports a system that does not encourage teachers to do a better job, a program that just throws money at schools and hopes (I guess) that improvements are made.

I have read Hispanic newspapers in Phoenix and San Diego and have noticed that they are very one-sided _ always supporting the democratic side. You must not want Hispanics to improve their situation - or you would support a party that supports entrepreneurship and initiative.

I cannot help wonder why you appear to be against Hispanics improving themselves. You need to honestly evaluate which party gives more opportunity for a person to make the most of himself.

C Stines
Phoenix, AZ

SDSU students should focus on education

Since college stuents are often referred to as children, I suggest that the children involved in the SDSU brouhaha deserve to be spanked by their parents for dissing the Aztec Nation and all students at SDSU. They deserve at least a mild spanking for their bad manners. Dr. Weber should insist that these children focus on getting an education and not go off-track and tear the school apart.

Thomas Martinez
Chula Vista

Charger ticket guarantee will only get worse

The Charger ticket guarantee costs will only get worse. As San Diego football fans get comfortable with the fact that the Charger games will always be on TV (thanks to the City buyout of unsold tickets), each year more fans make the decision to watch the games at home or in a bar. That choice saves on soaring ticket prices, expensive parking, gasoline costs and outrageous concession prices, while avoiding drunks in traffic jams, long bathroom lines, uncomfortable seating and obnoxious Neanderthals.

With the Charger ticket guarantee wending its perverse magic, NFL football has become San Diego's second funniest joke, trailing only the antics of the City Council.

Bonney Wikkering
Chula Vista

Ticket guarantee, guarantees fans will stay home

The city's buying of tickets to remove the TV blackout only increases the number of people who don't buy tickets to the games. The city saves 10% of the ticket guarantee cost for each ticket purchased, but with the removal of the TV blackout, the city loses money because even more people choose to stay home.

For instance, if 40,000 of the general admission tickets are purchased by fans and the remaining 20,000 are bought up by the city, the city saves 10% on their purchase, or the equivalent of 2,000 seats. But this weekly automatic decision discourages far more than 2,000 fans from purchasing tickets, since they can be assured that they can watch the hapless Chargers on their home TV.

As usual, our Mayor and City Council make the wrong decision, with Alex Spanos laughing all the way to the bank.

Kristi Stone
San Diego

Even when absent, third party candidates influence the debate

Why did Bush, after first declining, suddenly agree to the Presidential Debate Commis-sion's original proposal? The most likely reason is that the commission probably threatened to invite Libertarian Harry Browne to debate Gore if Bush didn't comply.

Viewer ratings for the debates are decreasing while public opinion polls supporting inviting participation by third party candidates are increasing. So inviting a strong third party candidate and dynamic public speaker such as Harry Browne would draw a lot of viewers and Bush's absence would be quite conspicuous.

Browne would be the logical choice to use against Bush, instead of either Nader or Buchanan, since Browne's message of smaller government and greater personal freedom and responsibility is more likely to attract votes away from Republicans. That's what happened to the senior Bush when, in 1992, Ross Perot's 19 percent of the vote put Clinton in the White House. And that's one history lesson George W. doesn't want repeated!

Whatever the Commission did to win Bush's acquiescence the real losers are still the American voters who, as in most elections, won't get to experience any real choice as long as the two major parties control the Presidential Debate Commission.

Edward M. Teyssier
San Diego

The debate was a travesty

Since the first Presidential debate is history, I want to say how much of a travesty it was to our country, our democracy and our free elections.

There was nothing "free" about this debate; the Commission For Presidential Debates exclusion of any candidates but the Republicrats did nothing to help the people decide who is the best candidate for the job of President.

If we are really to have "free elections" in this country, than we need to hear from ALL the candidates running for the `highest office'!

I for one refused to support these "debates" by watching and I'm sure I'm not the minority.

I'm sure nothing new was disseminated about either of these candidates and their stand on issues that are important to our country, that I didn't already know and don't find germane to the election.

Donna C. Lee
San Diego

Qvole Tezzy!!

Fan numero One aqui reporting Tezz, from la escandinavia, sweden, mejor said. Just dropping una cuantas lines ese, pues I read la Prensa, and dejame tell you, that you cosquillaste my funny bones ese, never have you failed de hacerlo home, Gosh, you're alright. In reference, it is the latest version from your website that I am charlando about.

And that's right homes!! Dales puro Hell a esos that want to cash-in with the gente's right. Nothing riles me the more than seeing good mexican people luchando y ver how they end up being defrauded by su propia gente. You tell it how it is Tezz! `preciate it.

Bueno, la raza in Sweden is doing fine homes...But is hard raising chicanas here although the job is easier having your site around and best of all your column too...

Orale! nothing más to say homes, pero aí tamos no?

Julio César Martínez

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