October 6, 2000


Presidential Debates An Exercise in Showmanship

The much-ballyhooed presidential debates were a total waste of time. The debates of this week were not so much a debate of the important issues facing our country and our next President but an exercise in a very poor performance theater. The performance by the candidates had no reality to them. It was nothing more than the theater of the absurd.

It is said that the world is a stage in which we all play out the dramas of our lives. The stage of the theater is another thing. It takes professionals to be able to act out their vision of reality on a 20 x 24 ft stage on camera. It was quite clear that neither Mr. Gore nor Mr. Bush were able to act out with some sincerity their role as a Presidential candidate. Their foolish attempts at statesmanlike responses, to the moderators' questions, were totally unconvincing. They both came across as two very shallow individuals who really believe that the real world is comprised of very shallow and dumb witted individuals.

It was disappointing that the Vice President, who has had real time training on the world stage, was totally incapable of transporting that reality to a small theater stage. He came out as insincere, shallow, and totally incapable of carrying a performance of a world-class actor.

Unfortunately, G. W. Bush had extreme difficulty escaping from his world stage of the State of Texas. He was totally unable to go beyond the Texas Theater and demonstrate a stage presence worthy of the seat that he is seeking. The frightening thought is that he was really performing the world stage he inhibits. As such he is perceived as totally being unable of lifting his vision beyond the small confines of his Texas experience.

What is the voter to think? Are there no more Othello's in the world? Can America not produce `giants' of their own time? Must we be satisfied with second-rate actors on the world stage???? I think not!

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