October 5, 2001


A Second Look at WTC Towers Incident Necessary

The deliberate crashing of two passenger airliners into the top floors of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was a traumatic event for the millions of Americans who watched it unfold before their eyes on Sept.11, 2001. The instant showing and constant re-showing of the deadly incident further traumatized them.

The spectacular crashes contained each of the elements that a television station most desires: action, carnage, fear, and excitement. It seemed as if the television cameras had been forewarned of the impending crash and had been set up to instantly catch the first crash onto the North Tower, which was then followed by a second plane that came crashing into the South Tower. It was television's moment of glory to so quickly capture the terrorists crashing into the buildings.

One is reminded of Desert Storm and the quickness of the CNN cameras to catch the first attacks by our troops. It seemed that CNN had been forewarned and allowed to have its cameras on the battlefield. It was later alleged that CNN officials had paid for the privilege to be there first, thus scooping the rest of the media.

No wonder the general public became traumatized by what they were viewing on their television screens. The constant bombardment of video scenes, hour after hour on every station in the United States, was overwhelming. As Herr Gobbles discovered in Nazi Germany, it was easy to propagandize a population to the point in which it was easily manipulated to do whatever Hitler wanted it to do. One wonders. . .

The general public has been aroused to go to war, if need be, over the deaths of nearly 7,000 unfortunates who were trapped within the Twin Towers. Without a doubt, we all grieve and feel greatly for the families of those who died due to these terrorist actions. Nothing that we can do will ever bring them back. One has to question whether 7,000 deaths is the threshold to go to war or to seek and destroy a group of people? Along this line, wouldn't it appear logical that we seek out a group of people in our own country who cause the deaths of 80,000 to 100,000 men, women, & children annually? Perhaps the automobile industry is a far worse danger to our country than a few foreigners who killed 7,000 people. The automobile industry has been directly responsible for the deaths of over 1,000,000 Americans in the last ten years. Yet, Americans endure that carnage.

We have to ponder whether or not the American public is being manipulated in order to solve a deeper problem in our country. Wars have always been a handy way to lift a country out of economic depression (WWII), carry out Imperialistic designs on other nations (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico), or resolve serious internal political problems (Civil War, War for Independence). In each of these cases, propaganda has been the principle tool of manipulation. With most forms of communication in this country under the control of a small group of individuals, the question has to be raised as to whether we are once again being manipulated? If so, for what purpose?

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