October 5, 2001

U.S. Hispanic Chamber To Launch Weekly TV Show `Hispanics Today'; Weekly Series Launches in National Syndication

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) today announced the launch of "Hispanics Today," the first half-hour weekly show that showcases the contributions of Hispanic leaders in the worlds of business, entertainment, politics, culture, sports and issues impacting the Latino community. To date, the show's national sponsors include AOL Time Warner, General Motors and The Coca-Cola Company.

Beginning its new season Sept. 30, "Hispanics Today" originally ran for two years as a monthly series on WNBC and the NBC station group. The new weekly show will introduce several improvements, including more frequent episodes, an updated format covering more aspects of the Hispanic community, and new hosts Manuel Teodoro and Maria Arita. The timely series comes on the heels of the U.S. Census that reported that Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the country and will soon outnumber African-Americans.

"Hispanics Today" has received an overwhelmingly positive response in syndication, securing commitments from network affiliates reaching more than 83 percent of the Hispanic television households in the United States. The unique series, which is produced and distributed by TWI, is also cleared in 27 of the top 30 Hispanic markets in the U.S. and 10 of the 13 NBC O&Os.

"The show, now in weekly syndication, will continue to showcase the achievements and successes of the Hispanic community and inform viewers about the significant contributions Hispanics are making in this country and abroad," said George Herrera, president and chief executive officer of the USHCC.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (www.ushcc.com) stands as the preeminent Hispanic organization in the United States, whose primary mission is to represent the interest of over 1.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The USHCC affords Hispanic business leaders an opportunity to share their vision, develop a long-term business strategy, and create greater economic and political opportunities for the Hispanic community.

TWI, the television division of Mark McCormack's IMG, is the largest independent producer, packager and distributor of programming in the world, producing more than 5,000 hours of programming annually. In addition to "Hispanics Today," TWI is currently distributing U.S. Olympic Gold, the Women's Health Series and Joel Siegel's Holiday Film Preview.

In San Diego "Hispanics Today" can be seen on KNSD, Saturday at 5 PM.

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