October 5, 2001

CCS Partnership - Cities, Counties and Schools Working Together

SANTA BARBARA, CA — CCS Partnership named six communities as the most successful in delivering programs and services for their communities through collaboration of local city governments, counties and school districts. On Thursday, September 27 at the CCS Partnership California Community Partnership Awards conference and luncheon the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim City School District received top honors of the California Gold Community Award for their program "Anaheim Achieves." The Distinguished Service Awards were presented to five additional collaborative efforts in the City of South Gate; National City; City of Lake Elsinore; City of San Diego and the counties of San Mateo and San Joaquin.

The cities and their communities were selected from a field of 15 semi-finalists. The specific programs ranged from after school tutoring and mentoring programs to elaborate programs that included health care for children, reaching at-risk juvenile populations and adult education centers.

"Each of the entries demonstrated dedication and commitment to finding resources for their programs and services," said David Wheaton, Executive Director of CCS Partnerships. "The programs were tailor-made to provide solutions for problems in their respective communities and involved a cross section of people from public sector, private businesses, government, schools and most importantly the general citizenry of each community," he explained.

CCS Partnership is a Sacramento-based non-profit with statewide programs to improve the conditions of California's children, families and communities through increased collaboration among cities, counties and schools.

"Anaheim Achieves" is a city-wide collaboration that includes two school districts, the YMCA, Children's Hospital of Orange County and the Chamber of Commerce. "Anaheim Achieves" creates a means for children to maximize their learning potential and to develop healthy lifestyles through after school programs, men-toring and homework assistance, medical care, parenting classes and more.

The specific partnership projects for the Distinguished Community Awards are National City and the Sweet-water Union High School District's state-of-the-art facility to provide educational and employment opportunities for adults; Lake Elsinore Valley Community Action Plan based on the idea that the entire community is an educational institution for children; San Diego's joining with seven local school districts and 16 community based organizations for "6 to 6" extended school day program; San Mateo County's Peninsula Partnership for Children, Youth and Families City-School Collaborative to provide and integrated system of services for children and families; and San Joaquin County's Community Partnership for Families and its Family Resource Initiative.

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