October 4, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks...

KUDOS to Monty Montezuma for coming out like a real Indio representing the warrior class. Keep it up vato! Y never mind those mariposas in the stands. They disgrace the Mechista name. Chicanos outrage how the current crop of Mechistas has disgraced mi gente. Take a few Chicano classes and learn the history of your ancestors! (Or do you think you all are Puros???)

Ya basta with those Bueyes that conned la Raza to vote for Prop BB school construction bonds that they will be paying for over the next 20 years or so. Los floridos on the Board of Trustees de Sweetwater have approved all kinds of construction contracts squandering el dinero… They just blew 7 million dólares that was suppose to build classrooms, etc. on a new basketball court! Esta lana went to such a lousy builder that the flooring of the gym is unusable. Ninguno de los Board members should be re-elected to the Board!

While Tezzy is on a roll, Superintendent Brand should be fired. Ese pelado has wasted the millions voted on for Prop BB... Piénselo Gente, you will be paying and paying por años for este robo de fondos!

Raza de Indio y Calexico del Valle Imperial complaining that one of Congressman Bob Filner’s campaign goons threatened a Raza homeowner with a hammer. El compañero tried to stop el buey from putting Filner signs in his yard. What can I say? He don’t like Filner!

Matter of Fact, Raza del Valle Imperial do not much care for Democrats. Por qué you ask? They have a bronca with Gray Davis and his pirañas who are trying to take all their water so los güeros of San Diego can have more swimming pool water! They say they (los gringos) are trying to take all the agua from the Salton Sea and their farmland!

Denise Fitzgerald Ducheney also a Democrat, refused to discuss the issue with the folks from Indio and Calexico! They don’t like her either or her Democratic Party. Now you know how come Duncan Hunter wins, all the time, down there. YOU DON’T MESS WITH THEIR FARM LANDS THAT’S THEIR LIVELY-HOOD!

Local Raza papers of El Valle Imperial y Palm Springs asking el Jefito for La Prensa San Diego. They want “la verdad” de los políticos. ¡A todo dar! Este Indio is pleased that nuestras palabritas tienen IMPACTO!

La Migra, en la línea, stopped a good amiga of this Indio and tore her car apart looking for drugs! Her mistake she told the Filipino Migra “I am praying for you,” as she stopped at the booth. Somehow this set him off!

They sent her to secondary claiming she wouldn’t open her glove compartment. She had told him I can’t open it. It is jammed! Twelve (12) inspectors tore her car apart for two hours looking for drugs. They left her trunk in pieces, tore up seats and destroyed the glove compartment. When they finished, they gave her the keys to the car and said, “You can leave now!” Mi amiga said: Are you going to pay for the damage? The head Migra said ¡No!

PREGUNTA: Is this standard policy on the border? If so who gave these Goons carte-blanch authority to do this?


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