October 4, 2002


Students Voices Missing in Iraq War Debate

Other than the constant Right-Wing propaganda that is incessantly bombarding the air waves and co-opting the mainline print media, the opposition voices are mostly silent or they are being shut off by the conglomerates that control whose opinions and points of view will be on the major radio, television, and national print media. Thus far it has been the small size media that has been exercising the right to “Freedom of Expression” to the voices in the country that seek to present their views and concerns to the American public.

One voice that has been strangely silent and unheard of in the media is that of the large student population in this country. It would seem that they would be favrently entering into the debate of whether this country should enter into a war with Iraq. The 18-28 year cohort of this country will be the segment of our population that will be in the greatest danger of paying with their lives for the excesses of the leadership of this country. Yet, the campuses of our High Schools, Colleges and Universities are strangely very quiet. The student population has become very silent. Nary a word of protest is heard. Is it because they have no opinion or is it that their voices are not being permitted to be heard?

Korea and Vietnam comes to mind, as two examples, where the colleges exploded in protest over these two “Police Actions”. It was the student outcry that finally forced the political leadership to bring these two wars to an end. The students were mobilized to action as they viewed the number of body bags, of their generation, rise to horrific tolls. These were the bodies of our youth who were sacrificed by older generations of White Americans who were in positions of leadership.

Television, radio and print media carried the stories of their protests, teach-ins’, and voices of the student protestors. The media gave a voice to an element in our society who normally is not consulted or has their opinion taken into account though they were the ones who paid with their lives.

Students and other youth, who had no public voice to protest with, protested, against becoming the sacrificial victims to political expediency, by crossing the Canadian and Mexican borders leaving their country in protest!

Today’s deafening silence from the campuses and the streets of America is ominous. Can it be they don’t care? Worse, can it be that they are being excluded from the public forum by intent of the ruling oligarchies of the Government-Military-Corporate Complex who value MONEY & POWER more than HUMAN LIVES??????

Let the VOICES OF FREEDOM SPEAK before it is too late!

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