October 3, 2003

Aside from a few Raza celebrating nuestra HERENCIA! Not one event, parade, or fiesta were to be seen hosted by any of the cities. Raza doesn’t get any recognition from the Gringo leadership! Not even our so called Hispanic Mayors held an event. Guess they are not too proud of their Heritage. Pssst Gente, don’t buy anymore Bud, Coors, or use the Gaslamp District. Es tiempo we spend our pesos where we are appreciated!

Our Presidente in muchos problemas with the world and at home. Germany, Russia, France and most everybody else at the UN rejected the Pres’ plea to let bygones be bygones. The Pres sounded kinda of like Rodney King ‘can’t we all get along!’ I guess he got his answer - you created the mess, you can clean it up! Looks like another Texan will bite the dust next election.

The Bush administration in hot water at home - seems like they are into dirty tricks. Bush threw one of his own CIA operatives to the wolves for because her husband criticized Bush and the good old BOYS for using false facts in order to get us into a nasty war in Iraq! What can you expect from these Texans ....Hell, they still think that they won the battle of the Alamo!

Did you know that of the $87 billion to rebuild Iraq and good portion of that is going to FOBs (Friends of Bush) who are reaping millions of dollars in non-competitive bidding contracts. More than $500 million to support troops and extinguish oil field fires for Kellogg, Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, which VP Dick Cheney led from 1995 until 2000. Of the $3.9 billion a month that the administration is spending on military operations in Iraq, up to one-third go to contractors who provide food, housing and other services. Wonder how many Raza Contractors getting any of those contracts??? (Probably NADA ...NONE! Its business as usual as it is in San Diego !)

PREGUNTA: You wonder why the Polls show Bush dropping like a rock. Overheard my gringo neighbors, who I would have guessed to be a little bit on the right side of politics, talking bad about this mess Bush got us into and they were predicting things would get worse before they got better. Backyard fence chatter is better than any old poll.

Politico updates: Bob Griego announced the fact he was not going to run for re-election a year in advance. Word is that Mary Salas is planning to run for that seat and Bob decided he didn’t have much of a chance. Old Bob didn’t fair too well when he ran for city council. Mary who is termed out of her city council seat is looking to find a place where she can stay warm and in the public view until the time she can run for Juan Vargas’ seat, who will be termed out and is thinking about running for Bob Filner’s seat. Nick Inzunza is also planning to run for Vargas’ seat, which explains why we see him in CV so often.

Speaking of Nick Inzunza he came out with a new logo for the City of National City. Haven’t seen it? Well, if you did you wouldn’t associate it with National City. It is a vision of open fields, rolling hills and floating clouds, yep that is National City, come on guys, you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken… well you know. They also produced a beautiful brochure highlighting the city. It is dominated by beautiful yachts, beautiful homes, lots of pictures of Anglos, but not one Hispanic face!!! If I was a stranger looking at all this PR spin, and I had asked someone to drive me to that city I would have to tell them they got the wrong city, this National City looks nothing like the pictures!!! I guess that is why they ignored Hispanic Heritage month, no Hispanics in that city!!

COPS IN VISTA ONLY DOING THEIR JOB: Sergio Ramos was distraught over losing his girlfriend, started cutting himself with a knife! COPS found him bleeding all over the place, they told him to drop the knife and when he moved toward them they pumped fifteen bullets into him. FIFTEEN bullets — I guess they wanted to make sure he was dead. Community mighty upset, but the Police Department seemed it was business as usual and put the three involved officers back on the street.

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