October 3, 2003


Ballot Recommendations


October 7, 2003 Special Election

Shall Gray Davis be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?

The October 7, 2003 ballot asks, should the Gray Davis be recalled as Governor? This question is purportedly based on his handling of the state, yet he was just re-elected to serve less that eight months ago and in fact the recall movement was started even before he was sworn into office to serve his second term. The voting public made its choice and elected Davis as Governor. This recall is not based on malfeasance or gross misconduct in office but is in fact about the right-wing Republican Party taking advantage of the voters discontent to force their will on the state of California.

This in effect is a few, wealthy individuals dictating their will upon the public using the initiative process and that is just plain wrong. If it was not for Darrel Issa’s millions we would not be here today holding a special election! For this reason and the fact that Davis’ administration has not even approached the threshold of criminal action or malfeasance we are strongly recommending a NO vote on the Recall.

Vote NO on the Recall

Who shall succeed Gray Davis if he is recalled?

Even if you Vote No on the Recall you are still entitled to vote for a replacement candidate to serve out the term of Governor, if in fact the recall succeeds. In the case of a successful recall there is only one choice for the Hispanic community and that is Cruz Bustamante. A vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger would in fact be a vote for the ideals and philosophy of ex-governor Pete Wilson and the right wing Republican Party that would plunge the Hispanic community back into the dark ages.

Vote for Cruz Bustamante

PROP 53: Funds Dedicated for State and Local Infrastructure. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.

This is one of the worst written propositions ever presented. There are so many loopholes and ambiguity in this bill that it is begging to be misused and abused by the political system. This proposition also limits the flexibility within the budget and can only be overturned by yet another election. Infrastructure is important but this bill is not the answer.

Vote NO on Prop. 53

PROP 54: Classification by Race, Ethnicity, Color, or National Origin. Imitative Constitutional Amendment.

This initative is purely symbolic and the symbolism is directed at the Hispanic community. There isn’t one part of the initiative that will have any direct affect or impact in the gathering of information. Almost all of this initiative is superseded by Federal regulations and the rest are exempted. And what is left can be modified by legislation. No, this proposition is directed at the growing Hispanic community and how to manage this growing segment of society. This initiative has little to do with collecting or not collecting information but is about putting the Hispanic community it its place. Prop. 54 falls right in line with the other recent anti-Hispanic issue of late such as Prop. 209 the anti-Affirmative Action initiative, Prop. 187 denying services to immigrants, and the English-Only initiative.

Vote NO on Prop. 54

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