October 1, 2004

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Another Good Tijuana Afternoon For Zotoluco

According to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan, last Sunday’s corrida de toros in the downtown El Toreo plaza de toros featured a herd of bulls from Teofilo Gómez for Eulalio López “El Zotoluco,” Alfredo Gutierrez, and Alfredo Gutierrez. The latter  replaced José Maria Luevano, who had been injured.


With his first toro, “Comandante” Lalo did some conservative verónicas, with a nice media for the remate. He also did some nice chicuelinas after the pic. The faena was good on both sides, but not anything close to his last three faenas in this season. One pinchazo, and a full thrust and it was over. He was applauded.

With his second bull, “Don Renato” (470 kilos), Zotoluco didn’t do much with the capote. After the pic’ing, and the banderillas, the faena that followed, was grand. Long derechazos on the right, and great naturales on the left. His domino and temple were sensational. A full sword, with the bull dropping quickly, and it was over.  Two ears.

Alfredo Gutierrez

With his first animal, “Heroilo” (460 kilos), Alfredos cape work was very good, nice verónicas, a chicuelina thrown in, and a serpentina for the remate. His faena was very good on both sides. He went all the way with this bull, and capped it off with a great sword for two ears.

With his second toro, “Tragahumo” (475 kilos), a serious animal with serious horns, the matador’s cape work was very good. After the pic’ing, Alfredo did a nice series of gaoneras, Then, Angelino came out, uninvited, and did a set of close chicuelinas. This ticked off Alfredo and he came back out and did a set of gaoneras, with tapatias that were quite nice.

The faena was good, but kind of scary  Not for Alfredo, because he didn’t realize how much sentido the bull was developing. However, he managed to escape unharmed. A good sword, and the bull dropped quickly.  One ear.

Jose Luis Angelino

With his first animal, “Bombero” (495 kilos), his cape work was good. In the second act, he placed two pairs of largas and a pair of cortas, that almost got him gored. The faena was grand. Great  work on both sides, but it was wasted by seven pinchazos. A shame.

With his second bull, on which I didn’t write down a thing, he didn’t do much of anything, but still received applausos. So Alfredo received the trophy, and that was the season. The next corrida, will be October 10th, with Pablo Hermosa de Mendosa, at the playas. Don’t miss this one.


The empresario of La Plaza México Rafael, Herre-rías, has announced that Enrique Ponce and El Juli have been contracted for the Mexican season. Each will work two afternoons. Also, Pedro Gutiérrez “El Capea” will confirm his alternative from the hands of his father, “El Niño de la Capea”, on Jan. 19, with bulls of José Chafick.

In addition, Herrerías is discussing contracts with the managers of Javier Conde, Finito de Córdoba, Matías Tejela, César Rincón, Ma-nuel Caballero, Manzanares hijo, Abellán, Pablo Her-moso de Hermoso de Mendoza and Andy Cartagena.

The Fifth Annual Convention  of Aficionados practicos will be held, Oct. 8-9, at the ranch of Fred Renk in Santa Elena, Texas. This year’s convention is dedicated to Lyn Sherwood and will feature such renowned amateur toreros as Jim Verner, of Zaragoza, Spain.

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