October 1, 2004

Ballot Recommendations

Election 2004 Ballot Measures

After due consideration, La Prensa San Diego Editorial Board Rejects Ballot PROPOSAL 60A Titled -Surplus Property: Legislative Constitutional Amendment.


Proposition 60A is a Legislative Constitutional Amendment that permits the State to use the revenues from the sale of surplus properties to pay off some existing bonds. The Assembly and the Senate should be ashamed to submit such a poorly written PROPOSAL to the voters. Not, that they are so busy, that they can’t take the time to do that state’s business. THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE ELECTED FOR! There is insufficient information to make an intelligent decision on this Proposal



PROPOSITION 61: Children’s Hospital Projects. Grant Program Act. Initiative Statue

It is our firm belief that with the State wallowing in debt, that no Bond Acts should be passed without the Legislature fully vetting out the substantive issues associated for such Bonds. By passing off Bond Acts on the general public, the Assembly and Senate are once again avoiding their responsibilities. The general public is in no position to make the proper decisions when they don’t have sufficient information to analyze the issue before them. Political Leadership means that as an elected legislator, you must make decision in the interest of the State. In sloshing off the decision to the voters to further indebt the state by borrowing $750 million plus having to pay off an additional $756 million just to borrow the money, our elected officials are placing upon our shoulders the sole responsibility of adding a $1.5 billion in debt TO THE STATE and future generations! The time has come to force the state to live within its means.


PR0POSITION 62: Elections, Primaries. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statue.

A YES Vote means that all voters would receive the same Primary Election Ballot for most state and Federal offices. All Candidates from the various Political Parties would be listed under their Party’s name. Voters could vote for any candidates; from whatever Party they chose. At present, in the Primary Election, you can only vote for the candidates that belong to your Party. Each Party’s candidates then are in the run-off in the General Election.

Under PROP 62, it will be possible that the top two vote getting candidates, for a particular office, could be from the same party! The top two vote-getting candidates, regardless of Party Identification, would be placed on the General election ballot. And this is what is wrong with PROP 62! The door would be wide open to manipulation by wealthy/power supporters, to control who the top two candidates will be...and they can be from the same political party. This could then result in a General ELECTION THAT WILL HAVE CANDIDATES ONLY FROM A SINGLE PARTY! The General Election will cease being a face off between contending Parties of various political persuasions and may eventually result in America being reduced to being control by simple minded Dictators as happened in Germany, Argentina, China, Russia etc. The General Election should be a face-off between competing ideologies on running the Nation. Nothing less will do in a Democracy



No olvide VOTE Noviembre 2, 2004 es su derecho y responsibilidad!

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