October 1, 2004

By Diana Gomez


Amigos, todo es prosperidad y abundancia. When we speak from the heart “nothing will be impossible to you” Mateo’s 17:20

By following the “Golden Rule,” a sacred guideline for giving and receiving comes to your life. Remember we have been taught to be nice, to be polite, to smile. These small rules of being kind to others, respectful. We are creating a blessed energy that will allow us to receive them. These small deeds are the foundation for the abundance and prosperity in our lives.

“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you” Mateo’s 7:20, Confucius, Gandhi, Rockefeller, Kennedy’s, Madre Teresa, Ford, etc. named it, all those big rich wealthy famous people have done it.

Pues amigos, USTEDES TAMBIEN PUEDEN, you can do it too! There is a process and a pay off, you must be willing to change your consciousness, learn, practice, and take the time to follow the process. Actually there is a program named 4T of Prosperity by Streton Smith, it is been offered at Christ Church Unity by the Minister Blair.

I am inviting you to become prosperous; to have abundance in your life of Love, Peace, Health, Wealth, you only need to be willing to do so. Take responsibility for altering your old conscious into a new one. Remember that your programming led you to play roles of pain, poverty; dysfunctional, materialistic the results of this programmation are stress and fear.

Open up the real you, grow in awareness, be happy, and have prosperity. Apply the golden Rule to your life with a new conscience. Enjoy life and be prosperous in all parts of your life.

Letters received: Thank you for your letter and poem Mr. C. Gonzales. It is great to know that it is important to create our own prayers.

Your letters, commentaries are welcomed, you may write me at: centrosuperacion familia@yahoo.com or to La Prensa, or P.O.Box122111, Chula Vista, CA. 91912

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