November 27, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Thanksgiving is upon us but you wouldn’t know it by the Radio, Telly, or the Newspapers in the streets. The Merchants of Hype are working over time to get you to the mall to shop, shop, & shop. The most commercialized holiday of all is being started earlier & earlier…. It’s all about spending & spending. Christmas is here in November don’t you know? And, where has Thanksgiving gone? Check the advertisements…It has being reformatted into just another day to go shopping!

Ni modo! Not for this Indio! Thanksgiving is the day to be with family! It’s a day to send our prayers of thankfulness to our Creator for allowing us to be here present on earth with family and friends.

Aqui y Allá

Nice to know the Board of Directors for the “Immigration Museum of New Americans”, hired Mike Madigan, City Hall insider, to be in charge of building the Immigration Museum in San Diego. Lets see, the immigrants to be honored will be those that arrived in the United Stated since World War II. Last time I looked the majority of these Immigrants came from Mexico and from Latino countries all the way from lands end! La Señora Deborah Szekely, well-known philanthropist is the mover and shaker on this. As a matter of curiosity, are any Mexican Americans on your Board of Directors. We do have an interest in this matter, you know.

The hassle over San Diego State University symbolic AZTEC warrior, being used as an unofficial mascot at sporting events, is really much ado over nothing. The folks that should be upset, if they thought the Aztec Warrior was insulting their heritage, should be the Mexican descendents of the indigenous cultures and not USA Indians, who seem to get insulted very easily since they got into the gambling business! As far as Janet Esser, a “former SDSU Professor”, thinking she knows what is proper attire or use of the symbolic Aztec Warrior. Well, we now know why she is a “former” teacher of Latin American Art History. Our mailbox is devoid of any complaints from Raza! That is the only vote that really matters!

Standby Gente …Just got my new adjusted Electric and Gas bill for my canton (home). The rip off from the energy fiasco added over $41.00 to my bill!

Besides having to pay for “phantom Charger Seats”, out of our tax money, having to pay “additional funds for phantom gas & electricity”, that our Corporate Energy companies ripped us off with, and having our life savings stolen by Corporate and Stock Market Manipulators, we just need a break from the Republican ideas of “letting the market place work”! It can’t work when all the power to manipulate the market place is in the hands of political and corporate leadership of this country! The citizens are just the means of production but all the profits and benefits go to a few of the corrupt Business & Political leadership of this country! NO MAS!

City Councilman George Stevens being hassled by Democratic Party leadership who is miffed because Stevens (small d) (who is Black), endorsed and worked for the election of Republican Mayor Shirley Horton (small r) (Half Japanese-White]. Big D Democrats remember that the Party was very quiet when former Assemblyman Wadie Deddeh was endorsing and supporting Republicans a few years ago! Of course, George is a little bit more hot tempered.

Former Chairman of the County Democratic Central Committee, Tom LaVaut, is angered that the local Central Committee has not maintained the Club system that in the past would turn out the Party faithful to vote. La Prensa San Diego has often stated: “The Party has got to get back to its roots, the middle class working people. As this writer has noticed and reported in this pages, The Party has abandoned its heart and soul. We haven’t left the party…The Party has left us!

PREGUNTA: When will the Mayor & City Council realize that they are not qualified to deal with $1000 an hour attorneys that work for the major Corporations such as the PADRES OR THE CHARGERS? We don’t elect Mayors or City Council members that are experts in Contract Law, or that are MBA’s or Attorneys. It is now quite evident, that our trust in city Managers and their Department, in the main, are good for getting pot holes fixed, hiring COPS or Firemen, or fixing streets and sidewalks. But little else! Get out of the Development Business? It’s not in the Charter! Go out in the City and Kiss Babies, Shake Hands or go cut some Ribbons…but stop trying to be all things! You’re killing us!

Felize Dia de Acción de Gracias

May God Bless you on this
Thanksgiving Day

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