November 27, 2002


Thanksgiving A Day When Church and State Come Together

Thanksgiving is one of those Holidays when we forget or set aside all of our disagreements, lawsuits, and contradictions over Religion. Though our country is deeply divided over the role of religion in our personnel lives and its role in our nation state, on this day we come together because we have a deeply felt need to pray to our God for the life he has given us on this earth. We come together to pray in our homes, schools, or in our public buildings and functions.

Though our Constitution has decreed, that there shall be a separation between church and state, it is no surprise that our leading political leaders will offer prayers of thankfulness over radio, television and print media to the entire nation. In the process, they will be demonstrating what the majority of our citizens deeply in their hearts believe, That THIS NATION IS A NATION UNDER GOD. Thanksgiving, strangely, is the one time when communities of different faiths will stop and pause in their daily routines and join Americans, who are of the Christian beliefs and join with them and pray to their Gods in their own belief systems. We all have a need to acknowledge that there is a higher being who is responsible for the mysteries of our being, our universe, our life which is controlled by mysterious forces beyond our knowledge and comprehension.

Be you Anglo, German Latino, Asian, Arabic, Jewish, African, Hispanic, Russian, Japanese, or any of the numerous races and subgroups look into your hearts and join with us this Thanksgiving Day. Pray in your own language and give thanks to your God, as we will do for this life that we have on earth, for our families, for the bountiful country that we all live in. And pray that we shall all learn to live together in peace, love and harmony.

The Staff of La Prensa San Diego
Board of Directors
Daniel L. Muñoz, Chairman,
Daniel H. Muñoz, Vice Chairman
Irma Alvarez, Secretary; Phyllis L. Muñoz, Comptroller; Judy Daily, Lydia H. Muñoz, Daniel Marshall, Esq.

Editor, Daniel H. Muñoz;
Maria Delgado, Spanish Editor; Berenice Cisneros, Office Manager; Francisco Zavala Graffics; Erika Montes de Oca, Marketing Rep.; Gabriel H. Muñoz, Marketing Rep.

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