November 24, 2004


A Lot To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is always a mixed bag of feelings. Mexicans and Mexican Americans are Indigenous natives of the Americas and as such the premise of Thanksgiving brings mixed feelings. With the discovery by Columbus and the landing of the Pilgrims, native Americans/Indians’ way of life was forever changed and not for the better. It was the beginning of an expansion that would eventually drive Mexicans and our Indigenous Natives from their native lands from what would eventually become the United States.

Throughout the year one of the responsibilities that La Prensa San Diego has, is to meet and exchange points of view with politicians, scholars, students, and citizens from countries from around the world that come to San Diego, under the auspices of the Department of State, who have requested to meet with the Board of Editors of La Prensa San Diego, a media that they read and view as speaking out on the problems that they share and confront in their countries. They view the Mexican American communities as an oppressed community confronting a majoritorium White society. They come to find out how we deal with similar problems that they face in their countries.

Many of countries such as Germany, France, Spain, and Italy share many of the rights and freedoms. Some of the countries, like Turkmenistan, have very few rights and freedoms. When we meet with the people from these countries it serves to remind us of our freedoms and rights, and how good indeed we do have it to be a citizen of the United States.

At some point in our conversation, with all the people from these different countries we invariably make the point that the United States is a great country because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which gives us a Democracy that allows us and this newspaper to exist and the freedom to speak out on any issue without fear of impunity.

There are many inequities, problems and issues in the United States however there are tools within our society to create change. We have the freedom to make the changes; all that it takes is the collective will to create this change. In fact La Prensa becomes a living symbol that it is possible to confront the ruling cliques without having to go to war or give up your Rights and Freedoms.

We do not take this freedom lightly, which is why, it pains us so when we see our rights being chipped away by the Patriot Act. As a small voice in the maze of voices and contradictions, La Prensa San Diego lies out a line of hope that regardless of the size of your media, or operation, the voice of hope and inspiration will always find a receptive audience and provide the sweet sound of liberty, justice, and hope to disparate peoples of the world.

So yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for. We have our health, our families, and our Country to be thankful for and we have La Prensa San Diego as a voice for the oppressed. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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