November 24, 2004

It is Thanksgiving y mucha Gente are celebrating and giving thanks for all they have. Este Indio will be thinking about his ancestors and brother Indians who lost lives (whole cultures lost), lands and liberty with the landing of the pilgrims.

Giving Gracias for their Good fortune:

John Kerry, deep down, is thankful that he lost the presidential race. The mess that Bush would have left behind, I wouldn’t have wished that on anyone.

Speaking of Iraq, the citizens there must be thankful that they will finally get free elections, it only cost them hundreds of thousands of lives lost, injured and crippled, a country destroyed. Of course free elections don’t make a democracy.

Mike Aguirre has to be thankful, finally a victory - long over due. But now he has his hands more than full with the mess that San Diego is in. Aguirre has a real opportunity here to make his mark.

Jamie Mercado has to be thankful, that after spending about 25 thousands dollars, he didn’t lose to a candidate who spent about a thousand dollars, and was able to hang on to win a seat on the Sweetwater school board by 187 votes.

San Diego Chargers are thankful for a last place schedule which they have been able to capitalize on and that the AFC west is weak this season, and for the fact that Donna Frye lost the election, who was not too keen on building a new stadium.

The San Diego Padres and John Moores are extremely thankful, finally all their dreams have come true and they are making money hand over fist in their new stadium built by the taxpayers.

Enrique Morones is thankful that he finally has his House of Mexico in Balboa Park, courtesy of the American Taxpayer of San Diego and Councilman Ralph Inzunza who gave Morones $50,000 from his office budget! This is money that should have been used to improve his DISTRICT! You wonder why District Eight is the worse slum in the City? Come on Ethics Committee this is blatant stealing of the taxpayer’s money!

Ralph Inzunza, Jr has to be thankful for the court system, the longer they can drag his case out; the longer he can stay as a sitting city council person.

Luis Natividad can be thankful that no one takes him seriously, some of the things he says just baffles the mind.

Pearl Quionnes can be thankful she has a lot of rich friends who live outside of the county who could contribute to her campaign, which was in excess of $150,000.

San Ysidro residents can be thankful that the Sidro school board, finally, has some fresh, young, School Board members who should bring some common sense to this board and district which has been a mess for such a long time.

Well that is it for now. Este Indio is thankful that this year is finally coming to end and looks forward to a new year, and new beginnings.

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