November 23, 2005


Thanksgiving Day ~ A Day Of Worship?

November 24, 2005 is our Day of Thanksgiving. It is a day which supposedly marks the day in which the first settlers from England made landfall on the Eastern Seaboard of a massive Continent that would become known as America. The first settlers marked their arrival by holding a feast of “Thanksgiving” in the immediate area, where they had made their landfall. Little of the food eaten was provided by the so called Pilgrims, who were starving to death. Little mention in the yearly celebrations is made that the majority of the food came from the indigenous natives, who had lived in what was to become North America, for centuries.

The question arises, why are the ancestors of the first settlers of North America totally ignored from the celebrations marking the so called discovery of the American Continent? The question rises in the minds of non-Anglophiles: Why doesn’t the American government correct the public record and state the truth! Least we forget, why do our Public Schools and institutions of higher learning continue to teach the myth of Thanksgiving as original truth of the founding of North America?

We, the descendents of the Spanish conquest and settlement of North and South America, are not without wisdom or knowledge. The historical record, of the founding and settlement of North America, is recorded in the Spanish conquest and settlement of South and North America. The Mayflower and its passengers didn’t make landfall on North America until 350 years or more after the Conquistadores had established and settled large portions of the North and South America. Why are our ancestors and the indigenous Indians denigrated for their accomplishments?

Why are the ancient Indigenous peoples and Conquistadores denied the spirit of understanding and wisdom? Thanksgiving Day should include them! “Knowledge and Wisdom” are gifts from God and not created by Man! We should celebrate Thanksgiving as a religious ceremony to which truth is a major part of the celebration. Thanksgiving should not be a tool to denigrate the accomplishments of others. It should be an honor to remember all those who contributed to the development of America.

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