November 22, 2000


National City voters ought to pull a Floridian and ask for a vote recount. Last go around they voted in Fred Soto as their city councilman even though he wasn't a resident of the city. Ahora, they just voted in another carpetbagger, Nick Inzunza, long time resident of Chula Vista, who named a home in National City as his residence though he never lived in it... and now he is a councilman.


Que chanclazo, Fred Soto now suing the mayor and city council because they made his alleged misdeeds public. Filipino community wants him removed from office. Mayor Waters stated Soto was an embarrassment to the city! (Psssssst George, how about your city's whole election processes that allows outsiders, non-residents to run for office???


Fran Zimmerman's victory party at La Jolla this past Sunday estuvo a todo dar! Never seen so many happy teachers together at one time. Vibes were good. We all found something we could unite on, a Trustee at San Diego Unified School District that's willing to stand with the thousands of worried parents & educators, who are opposed to the wholesale "dumbing down of their children by the Ottinger, Lopez, Bersin troika.


Que Fregazo that so few Southbay Raza turned out to vote. It was puras papas from so called leaders that they were going to get the vote out. It takes dinero and esa palomia can't do it. If it ain't paid for by the Gringos "paid for leaders can't do it."


El Jefito is going out on a limb and say the next President will end up being G.W. Bush. The count, as of today (Tuesday), is not going Al Gore's way. Hope the Vice President still has his regular day job available.


MEMO to V/P Gore... You made a big mistake in not using President Bill Clinton in your campaign. You don't go to war and leave your big guns behind! Make a note for history and name the idiots in your campaign that advised you to leave behind your most powerful weapon. (P.S. you might check out their party registration while you are at it.)


Pregunta: We wonder who the new Congresswoman, Susan Davis is going to be beholden to once in office? Mucho dinero given to her by the Boys back east. That much money is liable to turn a girl's head!


Bueno, got to fold it up, La Prensa San Diego will be closed from Wednesday 22nd till Monday the 27th Nov. Be back from our Thanksgiving pilgrimage 8:00 a.m. Adios!

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