November 22, 2000

The San Diego Foundation Announces The First Grants From The Intergroup Relations Project

Program helps unite immigrants and established residents.

The San Diego Foundation has announced the first grants awarded from the Intergroup Relations Project, a special program focused on getting immigrants and established residents to work together to address common community issues.

The Integroup Relations Project was established by The Foundation last year to raise $350,000 that will support grants in three main areas: healthy neighborhoods, livable communities, and youth leadership. To date the project has raised nearly $85,000 towards that goal. Two partners, the Ford and Mott Foundations, have also contributed a matching amount of $350,000. Other partners include the Parker Foundation and the Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth.

"It's about bringing different people together to address the common needs of the community," explains Bob Kelly, President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation.

The Intergroup Relations Project focuses mainly on communities within El Cajon and National City, and the first six grants totaling over $97,000 are being awarded this fall. Recipients include charitable groups ranging from Operation Samahan, which supports health education for seniors in National City, to Downtown El Cajon, a program enabling Latino, Chal-dean, and Kurdish women to create and sell specialty foods in El Cajon.

The San Diego Foundation is San Diego's largest foundation and leading philanthropic organization. It is San Diego's only broad-purpose endowment built by hundreds of citizens and organizations committed to improving the quality of life in all our communities. The Foundation houses more than 600 funds and has $383 million in assets. In its 25 years, The San Diego Foundation has granted more than $153 million to various programs and organizations.

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