November 22, 2000

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Hispanic Periodicals in the United States

The names of some of the pioneering social reformers and journalists from the 20th century may be familiar to many Americans. The pictures documented by Jacob Riis and Ida Tarbell, among many others, tell the student of American history very much about the climate and cultural lives of the American citizen and immigrant at the turn of the last century. William Randolph Hearst based his fortune on the publication of stories about American society and culture. The tradition of social and cultural reporting continues until the present, but although these pioneers told much about their world, one large population was completely lost in the maelstrom of public journalism for a myriad of reasons ranging from language barriers to access to the tools of the trade. Hispanic Periodicals in the United States, Origins to 1960: A Brief History and Comprehensive Bibliography seeks to bring other names and issues to the forefront, the names and ideas of a population rarely capable of reaching the public sphere.

By all accounts, the most important document for studying the history, literature, and culture of Hispanics in the United States has been Spanish-language newspapers. In the last three decades, scholars have mined their pages —when they could be found— for information and perspectives long inaccessible because to much of the documentary tradition of U.S. Hispanics has been lost. Now, a noted cultural historian and a respected indexer-bibliographer have teamed up to provide the first comprehensive authoritative source on the provide the first comprehensive authoritative source on the production, worldview, and distribution of these periodicals.

Through the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage project, two scholars, Nicolás Kanellos and Helvetia Martell, and a score of research assistants have pieced together all sources and produced a history inclusive of all the Hispanic nationalities and all the diverse periodical forms, from newspapers to magazines and newsletters. The history is divided into the principal manifestations of Hispanic culture in the United States: nativist, immigrant and exile.

This useful compendium includes richly annotated entries, notes, and three indexes: by subject, by date, and by geography. The bibliography includes some 1,700 entries in standard bibliographic annotation.

Dr. Nicolás Kanellos is an award-winning author of reference and historical works on Hispanic culture of the United States, including The Hispanic-American Almanac, Hispanic Firsts, and Thirty Million Strong: Reclaiming our Hispanic Legacy. He is the Brown Foundation Professor of Hispanic Literature at the University of Houston, as well as Director of the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage program.

Helvetia Martell, a native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, is a respected indexer and bibliographer. Martell worked in the libraries of various institutions of higher education and as a records manager and indexer for various oil companies, before she became the Research Coordinator for the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project. Currently, she is the Library Director of the Inter-American Defense College in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project locates, rescues from perishing and publishes primary sources written by Hispanics in the geographic area that is now the United States from the Colonial Period to 1960. Publication of these works gives voice to the Hispanic men and women who contributed to the development of the United States of America, and is filling the gap that exists in this country's historical and literary culture.

Arte Público Press is the largest and most established publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by U.S. Hispanic authors. Together with its imprint for children. Piñata Books, and its Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage project, Arte Público Press provides the most widely recognized showcase for Hispanic literary arts and creativity.

Title: Hispanic Periodicals in the United States, Origins to 1960: A Brief History and Comprehensive bibliography
Author: Nicolás Kanellos with Helvetia Martell
ISBN: 1-55885-253-0
Pages: 288 pages
Price: $69.95

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