November 22, 2000


Acción de Gracias - Thanksgiving Day


We join the rest of the country in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Many of us will join in the traditional Thanksgiving Meal with our families and friends. It is a day for reflection upon all the blessings that the good Lord has brought us in the past year.

Thanksgiving Day is also the time when we remember those who have left us and now reside in that special place that is reserved for the departed. We remember them from Thanksgiving Past and in our hearts we hold them dear.

Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in the lands South of our borders. There it is Día de Acción de Gracias...Their Day of Thanksgiving and celebration for the life that the Lord above has provided them. Though their day is not Pilgrim based... being thankful for the beautiful life that God has afforded them and their families, is a celebration of life that is transcultural as well as transportable across national boundaries.

The Staff, Members of the Board of Directors, all join with you in "Giving Thanks to God Almighty" for bringing happiness and contentment into all our daily lives.

"Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias - Happy Thanksgiving"

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