November 21, 2001

"Counseling and Treating People of Colour Conference: An International Perspective" Meets The Citizens of San Diego to Spread the Word on Cultural Diversity in Health and Health Education

Chicago — Human Resources Development Institute Inc. (HRDI) and its co-sponsor the State University of New York at Stony Brook are proud to announce that for the first time in 15 years the internationally renown Counseling and Treating People of Colour Conference: An International Perspective will be presented in Mission Valley, San Diego California on November 28, 2001 — December 2, 2001 at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley.

This unique international conference has a goal to call upon all governments, commercial enterprises as well as private citizens to accept the challenge of recognizing the social worth of every culture. Pre-conference sessions bring together experts of culturally and ethnically diverse populations who share an allegiance to educate conference participants of the importance of health, and that it should be for all people of color, provided in such a way that its respects an individual's cultural difference and provides treatments and services that are culturally sensitive in nature.

C. Vincent Bakeman, Ph.D., President and CEO of HRDI explained the importance having the conference in San Diego by commenting on the richness of culture within "America's Finest City." "San Diego is a city that is rich in culture. Every nationality is well represented whether one is Hispanic American, African American or Asian American. Our conference addresses current health related issues and their treatments which are designed specifically for the betterment of these diverse populations." Providing workshops in health, mental health, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence, education and faith based social services, a myriad of information can be obtained that can benefit each conference participant.

A brief overview of conference topics include: Prominent Mental Health Diagnose Among People of Color; The Disabled and How Cultures Respond to Certain Disabilities; Women of Color and Depression; How Churches Have Responded to Domestic Violence, AIDS, and Substance Abuse; Adult Children Rebonding With Alcoholic Parents; Youth Leadership in Drug Prevention; Drug Courts - Their Impact in People of Color Communities.

This year the conference will enjoy the support of two new sponsors: The Maryland branch of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Eli Lilly and Company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The CDC will sponsor a special session on HIV/AIDS education and advocacy, and Eli Lilly and Company is helping to sponsor various conference activities throughout the five days.

A conference registration fee of $345 is required for adults and $150,000 for youth. For more information regarding the Counseling And Treating People of Colour Conference: An International Perspective please contact the HRDI Technical Resources and Training Center attention Ms. Martina Jones at 312-441-9009. For more information on HRDI and the 37 programs it provides nationally please contact HRDI's Office of Communications attention Ms. Tammi Barlow at 312.441.9009, or visit HRDI's web site at

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