November 21, 2001


We Thank You Lord For The Life You Gave Us!

The rhythm of our lives will once again stop to give us time to reflect upon the past and ponder the results of our actions and activities. What have we done to make us, as human beings, worthy of our existence on this earth? Have we made ourselves worthy of the love and trust that the Creator has imbued in our hearts and souls? Have we earned the right, through our deeds and actions, to be thankful for what occurred in the past year? Dare we have the sincerity to bend our knee in prayerful repose to thank our God for keeping the currents of our life active? Can we, with every fiber of our being, honestly say that we have lived this past year carrying out the prime directive of our Creator?

The fortunate ones among us will gather with our children, wives and the members of our extended families to thank God for having granted us another year of happiness and good health. Now-a-days, our "burnt-offering" is a turkey garnished with the best of this earth's bounty i.e., mashed potatoes, salad, cranberries, peas and other mouth-watering foods. And, we reverently offer our sincerest thanks to HIM for having granted our loved ones yet another year of life. A life, we must add, that is free of suffering or need.

In Biblical times, it was the custom to sacrifice a sheep and offer it as a sacrificial victim to Jehovah in thanks for having made us a part of his Being. The ancients had a bond with their Creator that was the center of their lives. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the Lord not having lost hope with modern-day humans. He still has hope that we, too, will one day discover what really matters in our life and seek out that life giving force which has nurtured humans throughout centuries.

Mexican Americans name the period of time set aside for Thanksgiving in North America, as EL DIA DE ACCION DE GRACIAS. There isn't too much turkey involved in their celebration. But then, it is difficult to be eating when one is on his knees DANDO GRACIAS A DIOS (giving thanks TO GOD) for instilling in him the precious gift of life to serve HIM and humanity. When life is precious and divine, shopping, buying and eating turkey are really not what it's all about .

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