November 19, 2004


San Diego’s Mayoral Election May be for Donna Frye’s to have!

One of the problems with being a weekly newspaper, which is distributed every Friday of the week, is that the Editors have to be expert Tea Leaf readers. You’re either too early for the breaking information that hit the wires from Friday of the past week through Thursday noon of the coming deadline. In a sense, you have to assimilate facts, data, and information from every source you can and then come up with a professional editorial that is meaningful, relevant and timely. Such is the case with the race to become San Diego’s next Mayor. Will Donna Frye, with her “write in candidacy, which indicates that she is slightly ahead of Mayor Murphy and Supervisor Roberts, actually be our next Mayor? This editorial may well be irrelevant by the time it hits the streets of San Diego on November 19,2004.

A while back, this Editor had the opportunity to talk with a group of Gypsies (Roma’s). The discussion eventually came around to their fortune telling skills. They practiced the art of telling a person’s fortune by reading tea leaves, their palms, and other a sundry methods to be able to foretell the future. I really don’t know how accurate they actually were in seeing the future. I do know they seem to be making a decent living out of telling people’s fortunes.

Not having sufficient or timely political data to really be able to foretell the future, I decided to foretell the future by studying the wrinkles on Donna Fry’s face! It’s been mention that she has a very descriptive face and I thought perhaps her fortune can be told just as well by the lines on her expressive face.

Following the Roma’s secret instructions given to me, this Editor selected a picture of Donna Frye that ran in the local U/T, I read the lines in her face and saw the sign of VICTORY.....SHE WOULD WIN THE ELECTION! Mayor Murphy and Supervisor Roberts would not win the honor of being the Mayor of San Diego!

Perhaps my method is not very “sophisticated”, but do the so call pollsters, and political analysts have a better method? Remember John Kerry and the prognostications of the so call political experts!

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