November 19, 2004

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Gonzales’ appointment appalling to one

Thank you for pointing out Alberto Gonzales’ past only goes to prove that being Latino does not automatically make him the right person for the job. He is a right wing fanatic who supports the Bush and Cheney dictatorship. I, for one (a Democrat with a conscience), am appalled by his appointment. If the Bush administration thinks Latinos are going to welcome this man with open arms just because he’s Latino, well he must really believe we’re more ignorant than intelligent and sophisticated.

And as for the evangelicals or religious right who elected Bush, what hypocrisy!  The same bunch who vegemently oppose abortion, is the first bunch to vote for the death penalty. Which is it? A right to life or a right to kill? Cause you can’t have it both ways. Certainly, if God were looking for a country with Christians to represent him honorably, I doubt it be right wing Americans who destroy social service programs to help our poor and instead line their pockets with money.  Oh, excuse me, I forgot, God gave them a “mandate” to get rich at the cost of the less fortunate.

Elia Esparza
via email

Update on Bone Marrow story

Today (Tuesday) at 3:45 am, my wife and I met with Rocio and her mother and father to attend a blood and bone marrow drive televised by Socorro Cruz with Univision. We met Victor, an 11-year-old boy, who was sitting on his father’s lap when someone asked about Victor’s condition. Victor is dying. A young mother whose 3-year-old son has had 96 blood transfusions spoke with us. There is no known cure for the type of illness he has. Pepe and Irma Martinez, Rocio’s parents, have a wonderful attitude and faith. Pepe has a gift for using the Spanish language. He stops to pray often. Part of his prayer is to thank God for the people that He has sent to help.

Thank you for helping Rocio, (“Looking For A Miracle”, published 11/12) Victor, the 3-year old baby, and the many others that have Leukemia. You have been of God’s compassionate souls.

Joe Vera
Lake Forest

Frye campaign the ending of “business as usual”?

On November 2, San Diego voters showed unprecedented enthusiasm, writing-in “Donna Frye” for open government and ending “business as usual” at City Hall. When vote-counting ends, she could be Mayor.

After the fact, sour grapes resulted in lawsuits questioning legitimacy of her candidacy based on a 20-year-old discrepancy between the City Charter and City Code. Until Donna challenged the status quo, no one paid attention to it. Thankfully, the court supported her candidacy.

What amazes me is the incredible inconsistency between our local and national reliance on ethical principles.

Even the flawed standard of “business as usual” has been scuttled by the GOP! They’ve knocked down an ethics rule banning House members indicted on felony charges from holding leadership positions. According to the rule, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay should be removed from that position for dramatic ethics violations and felony charges. Instead, hiding behind closed doors, they revised their 11-year-old party rule. Some House Republicans were nervous about changing the rule. If they did more than ”be nervous;” they could advocate against such moral degradation.

I am very proud of San Diego’s drive towards open government—bumpy road though it may be. At least San Diego is defying the national moral lapse cutting to the heart of our gov-ernment. The GOP somehow co-opted “moral values” in the election, but their double standards show those values do not include honesty or accepting appropriate consequences. 

It’s time for a public outcry against politicians who fail to govern with dignity and ethical standards. We, the people, must stand up, speak out and hold them accountable.

Katherine Miller
San Diego

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