November 18, 2005

Q-VO Gente…Pos “I’m sorry pero the elections en Califas done me in! Glad that many of you votaron a todo dar! El Jefito tries to always give you his best analysis that he can on the issues and candidates. But as he said, we didn’t have too much to say on the candidates. But you did well, Gente, on the issues! We sent a strong message to the Gobernador!

Pos El Presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, amigo de Cuba, tiró trancazos contra el Presidente de México, Vicente Fox! The Venezuelan leader charged that Presidente Fox was a “perrito” (Puppy) of the U.S.! He warned the Mexican President “Don’t mess with me, sir, or you will get stung”! Pos, Presidente Fox retiró su Embajador para México! Presidente Chávez brought his Ambassador home from México! Y por the present, they aren’t talking!

PREGUNTA: Pues wonder what Fidel Castro thinks of all this fighting amongst so call “amigos”?

Sorry to note that the L.A. Times is laying off eight (8) percent of its staff. Reason? Circulation is down, advertisement is down, and let’s face it: Television is killing us! It’s easier to sit in front of the boob –tube than read a newspaper. Community newspapers such as La Prensa San Diego are in deep problems with the same problem. You can see that we are not exactly overflowing with advertisement! If the major newspapers are dying from lack of business and circulation so are the community newspapers. Here on the border, we have to compete with T.V., Radio and also the Tijuana media! We are trying gente.But we need your business otherwise its “Adios and hasta Mañana!”

It Aint Fair Gente! If a Jury (of their Peers) has a finding that applies to both Councilman Michael Zucchet and Ralph Inzunza, why does Judge Jeffrey Miller (White) only overturns the one against Michel Zucchet (White) and as usual, ignores Inzunza, (Brown) who was judged by the same Jury? Are we back in the Deep South?

If the Jury was instructed by Judge Miller throughout the trial why does he now rules that they didn’t understand the law? That’s why we have Juries to see the evidence by their understanding as clarified by the Presiding Judge (Miller) …Este Indio thinks that Inzunza is getting the royal shaft…. What is good for Zucchet has to be good for Inzunza! That’s why we have trial by Peers and not Just Harvard Graduates!

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