November 17, 2000

Raza Gains Political Seats

By Dan Muñoz Sr.

Though it is still not clear just who is going to be the next President, what is quite clear is that there has been an increase in the number of Mexican-American elected to public office. There will be 20 Raza politicians in the State Assembly. This means that we will have added clout in the state. Whether our elected officials work for the benefit and inclusion of our people in the political life of the state and country remains to be seen.


National Elected Mexican Americans, Latinos Hispanic

U.S. Senate = 0

Unfortunately our people are still not represented in the U.S. Senate


U.S. Congress = 18

Florida: Heana Ros-Lehtinemn (R), Lincoln Diaz Balart (R)

California: Xavier Becerra (D), Hilda Solis (D), Lucille Roybal-Allard (D), Grace Flores Napolitano (D), Joe Baca (D), Loretta Sanchez (D)

Illinois: Luis Gutierrez (D)

New Jersey: Robert Menendez (D)

New York: Nydia Velazquez (D), José Serrano (D)

Texas: Ruben Hinojosa (D), Silvestre Reyes (D), Charlie Gonzalez (D), Henry Bonilla (R), Solomon Ortiz (D), Ciro Rodriquez (D)


California State Senate:

District 5: Michael J. Machado (D)


California State Assembly:

District 11: Joe Canciamilla (D); District 23: Manny Diaz (D), District 26: Dennis Cordoza, (D), District 28: Simon Salinas (D); District 30: Dean Florez (D), District 31: Sarah Reyes (D), District 33: Abel Maldonado (R), District 39: Tommy Cardenas (D), District 46: Gil Cedillo (D), District 49: Gloria Romero (D), District 55: Jenny Oropeza (D); District 57: Edward Chavez (D), District 58: Thomas Calderon (D), District 60: Robert Pacheco (R), District 64: Rod Pecheco (R), District 65: Jan Leja (R), District 69: Lou Correa (D), District 75: Charlene Zettel (R), District 79: Juan Vargas (D).

We congratulate all our newly elected political representatives. The responsibilities you have assumed are great but not unbearable. Take with you the strengths of "La Familia," your Religion, and the honor of who you are and represent.

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