November 17, 2000

Thank You, Sweetwater Community!

By Dr. Brand
Sweetwater High School District

We did it!

Chula Vista Middle students represent their peers throughout the Sweetwater district and join Superintendent Dr. Ed Brand in thanking the community for passing Proposition BB.

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that all of us—students, teachers, staff and administrators—have for your support of Proposition BB. When 73% of you voted this week for the district's school improvement bond, you demonstrated the strength of your commitment to our young people. Thanks to you, we can replace crumbling infrastructures and give our students modern classrooms, safe buildings and learning environments that support a true, world-class education.

Passing Prop. BB took hundreds of volunteers working over 11,000 hours to get the message out. It took parents, students, district staff, board members and a host of other community residents walking door-to-door, posting signs in yards and store fronts, calling over 50,000 registered voters, distributing brochures, making presentations to community groups, standing with banners at busy intersections and talking to friends and neighbors. It took endorsements from honorary chairs Congressmen Bob Filner and Supervisor Greg Cox, as well as the support of local city officials, civic organizations, chambers of commerce and community groups like the South Bay's 15,000 mobile park residents. It took the dedication and commitment of a strong citizens group—the Sweetwater Committee for Quality Education headed by Scott Alevy and campaign manager Jorge Dominguez.

So where do we go from here?

Sweetwater's $187 million school bond funds will upgrade 19 of the district's middle, junior and senior high schools as well as one adult education facility. We'll replace worn out plumbing, heating and electrical systems; expand classroom space to accommodate growing student populations, and renovate libraries, restrooms and science labs. Campus upgrades will be done in phases so that schools remain open and temporary facility costs are minimized. The first phase includes major work at Chula Vista Middle, Sweetwater High and Mar Vista High schools with high priority projects also completed at each of our schools. And true to our promise, a citizens oversight committee will ensure bond funds are spent appropriately and carefully monitored. Bonds go on sale this spring and construction is targeted to begin summer 2001.

Once again, our sincere gratitude for all of your help. Your contribution will be felt throughout the South Bay for many years to come. I thank you. Our teachers, staff and administrators thank you. Most importantly, our students thank you.

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