November 17, 2000

Newly Elected Latino Officials Of Southern California

Southern California has been a mecca for new migration into our country since the 1700's. Recently a new breed of MexicanAmerican, Latino, Hispano has begun to take their place among the social, economic, political elements of American society. Election 2000 saw an upsurge in the raw numbers of our Raza that accepted the challenge and made the run for political office.

Between Kern County and San Diego County reside millions of Mexican Americans, Latinos and Hispanos. As we noted in our listing of State and Federal election results, the numbers of elected Raza has greatly increased. It has reached a point where its affect and impact will have to be taken into account in all future political decision making.

This listing is only of those who were elected this past November 7, 2000 in Southern California and does not include all those who currently hold political office.

San Diego County

Carlsbad City Council: Ramona Finnila
El Cajon City Council: Dick Ramos, Carlos E. Santos
National City Council: Nick Inzunza
Oceanside City Council: Esther C. Sanchez
Vista City Council: Paul V. L. Campo


Imperial County

Supervisor District 3: Joe Maruca
Holtville City Council: Virginia Samaha


Orange County

La Habra City Council: Juan M. Garcia, Rose Espinoza
Orange City Council: Mike Alvarez
Santa Ana Mayor: Miguel A. Pulido
City Council: Jose Solorio, Claudia Alvarez
Stanton City Council: William C. Estrada
Yorba Linda City Council: Allen Michael Castellano


Riverside County

Banning City Council: Branda L. Salas
City Clerk: Marie Calderon
Beaumont City Council: Placido L. Valdivia


San Bernardino County

Barstow City Council: Roy Rodriquez
Colton City Council: Sarah S. Zamora
City Clerk: Carolina Padilla Barrera
Grand Terrace City Council: Lee Ann Garcia
Rialto Mayor: Grace Vargas
Victorville City Council: Rudy Cabriales


Los Angeles County

Alhambra City Council: Efren Moreno
Downey City Council: Rick Trejo
Pomona Mayor: Eddie Cortez
City Council: Norma J. Torres
South Gate City Council: Maria Benavides


Ventura County

Filmore City Council: Evaristo Barajas,

M. Cecilia Cuevas

Oxnard City Council: John C. Zaragoza
City Clerk: Daniel Martinez
Santa Paula City Council: Ray C. Luna
Banning City Council: Brenda Salas
Beaumont City Council: Placido L. Valdivia


Santa Barbara County

Guadalupe Mayor: Severo Aquino Arca Jr.
City Council: Herb Sanchez
Santa Maria Mayor: Joe Centeno
City Council: Lionel G. Delgado


Kern County

Arvin Mayor: Juan M. Olivares
City Council: Carmen H. Acevedo
Delano City Council: Pedro A. Rios, Art Armendariz
Shafter City Council: Fran Florez
Wasco City Council: Danny Espitia


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