November 17, 2000


There's No Rush! Continue The Count

The rush to claim victory, by the G.W. Bush and Al Gore forces, is at best unsightly & demeaning. At worse it creates the impression and appearance of being extremely self-centered, and uncaring. This syndrome of "winning at any cost" makes a mockery of our political system and shows total disrespect for our political concepts of "America being a Sovereign Nation."

America is one of the few nations in the world that maintains the core belief that all sovereign power resides within the people of the nation. The people exercise that sovereignty by way of the vote i.e. it gives individuals the right to exercise that sovereignty, in the name of the people, over specific periods of time. It must be clear that the majority of the vote of the people must be given to those wishing to represent that sovereign. Without that mandate, whomever takes public office soon learns that he cannot assume sovereign power of the nation except by force and at the end of the barrel of a gun!

The constitutional mandate for a president candidate requires he win 270 electoral votes before the sovereign mandate can be transferred. Vice President Al Gore and Governor Bush must allow the full process of Constitutional law which govern our elections be met and satisfied. To do less, will lay the groundwork for the beginning of the destruction of our form of government.

The people of this nation are in no hurry to end the current impasse. What is important is that the winner be declared after every avenue has been taken to deliver the clear vote of the people of this nation. If that becomes impossible, than perhaps it may be time for the sovereign body of this nation, the people, to call for a Constitutional Convention to seek new means for our country to continue to exist as a sovereign country with freedom, justice & liberty for all.

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