November 17, 2000

Cine Mexicano Closes with Todo El Poder

Media Arts Center San Diego is proud to announce the San Diego premiere of the highly acclaimed and entertaining film Todo el Poder. The final installment of the Second Annual Cine Mexicano: Mexican Film Series, Todo el Poder will be screened for one week only, beginning Friday, November 24 and ending Thursday, November 30, 2000. Todo el Poder will be presented at Mann Hazard Center 7 movie theaters located in Hazard Center in Mission Valley. Todo el Poder will be screened in Spanish, with English subtitles.

Todo el Poder stars some of Mexico's hottest film stars including Demian Bichir (Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas), Cecilia Suárez. Luis Felipe Tovar and Carmen Beato. It also includes a hip urban soundtrack from such popular groups as Ozomatli, Manu Chau and Molotov. A brave film that dares to portray urban police in Mexico as ruthless, dangerous thugs, Todo el Poder is also a political thriller with sophisticated on-screen action. Todo el Poder studies one of Mexico's most disheartening realities: that much of the crime its citizen¹s face is perpetrated either by the police themselves or by gangs with official protection. The movie, about a filmmaker who takes on a band of criminals with high-level protection, is based loosely on actual events. Director Fernando Sariñana began toying with the movie's concept after being robbed at gunpoint four times in Mexico City.

Ticket prices are $7 general admission and $5 students/seniors. Tickets can be purchased prior to each screening at the Mann Hazard Center 7 box office (7510 Hazard Center Drive in Mission Valley).

Todo el Poder will be screened daily at 5:15 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:45. Todo el Poder will be screened in Spanish, with English subtitles. The film is rated R for scenes of violence and some strong sexuality/nudity.

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