November 16, 2001

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LULAC needs help with Christmas baskets

The tragedy of September 11 has touched the lives of every American. The outpouring of gifts and donations was unprecedented and showed the resolve and the spirit of the American people in standing together as one. Ripple effects have been felt throughout our economy because of this national tragedy. Locally, the needs for our families have increased due to unforeseen layoffs or reduction in work hours, while donations have decreased.

The League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), San Diego Council 2842, has already felt the impact of September 11 as we are finding it difficult to gather enough donations to meet our commitment of over 250 food baskets for our needy community families for Christmas. LULAC is an all-volunteer, non profit organization with no overhead. Rest assured that every dollar that is donated goes directly to the local families in need.

In August, 2001 we sent out over 30 Christmas Food Basket Proposals soliciting donations for this worthwhile and much needed project. To date, the response has not been favorable. LULAC has commitments from The Men's Wearhouse, Anheuser-Busch Sales of San Diego, Macy's, American Legion Post 6 which has enabled us to purchase the 250 needed turkeys. The San Diego Padres have donated items for the children to have something under the tree. We thank these sponsors for their generous donations in these hard times. However, we are still short many donations to make this project a reality.

For those who have not committed to our program, please take a second look at the proposal we sent you and join the above five companies in their commitment in making this a brighter Christmas for 250 families. Our volunteer membership will do all the work, but we can't make it without your help.

If you need more information on how you can donate the much needed items that are still on our list, please give me a call at LULAC (619) 423-5014.

Beatrice M. Estrada
President, LULAC San Diego Council #2842.

It is safe to come out of the bush now

William Safire, NY times column writer has began curtain dismantling by dusting off the exacerbated rethoric the Bush Administration hung upon us to get the Coalition going. American Values, Mr. Safire argues, are now in danger. The order of law must be upheld in the land and no amount of wanton terror should dismantle Habeas Corpus.

Ahhhhhhh, the dangers of patriotism and flag waving.

Bush played on Americans sense of patriotism where a simple disapproval or lack of a flag brought upon oneself a menacing look which questioned and nearly accused one of Unamerican activities.

They aren't many, those who see flag waving, as dangerous or patriotism for that matter. It reminds me of Henry B Gonzales, D-Texas, RIP, who denounced the practice of reciting the allegiance to the flag in the House of Representatives everyday, back in 1993, saying that "Here we are reminiscent of the Hitlerian period, seig Heil, Seig Heil...". Thomas D Foley, then Speaker of the Casa, was urged to take disciplinary action againts this attitude. Mr. Gonzales then argued that "We, as representatives, swore allegiance to the Constitution, not the flag." I don't know if Mr. Gonzales ever did receive disciplinary action or not, but to me, back then, ment much to hear that at least in our corner there was someone who objected such thinly veiled patriotism.

`Are we back then in the business of defending our constitution?

Julio Cesar Martinez

Regarding Nov. 9th editorial

Thank you, thank you, for all you have done regarding these issues.

Darselle Ramirez
via email

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