November 12, 2004

Que estraño that Election Day fell on the same day as our (Mexican) holiday “Día de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead). Many “Good Mexican Americans” as well as Catholics preferred to spend Election Day at the local graveyards honoring those of their families who have died. Got to have priorities you know. Anyhow, what is más importante en la vida, votando o estar con sus antepasados?

Este Indio hizo los dos! Vote, por absentee ballot, y honramos nuestros familiares en este día!

For all Raza, that voted for President Bush, he just paid you back. El Presidente has just appointed al Licensiado Alberto Gonzales, de Texas, as Attorney General replacing Attorney General John Ashcroft who we understand was invited to leave his post by El Presidente Bush. El Señor Gonzalez was behind the brilliant interpretation that it was OK to waive anti-torture law and international treaties that provided protections to prisoners! Where did this Gusano come from????

Que lastima, that the rest of nuestra Gente didn’t follow the lead of la Raza de Califas by, voting for John Kerry and John Edwards. It’s gonna be tough Gente. Look for lower wages, and more of your escuincles being made victims of La Placa!

Chispas, how about that Donna Frye!! Gracias para todos nuestros lectores who followed La Prensa’s recommendation y VOTED for DONNA FRYE!

El Jefito just told me to let all of Tezozomoc’s readers know that during the election cycle October 14 to November 10, 2004, the Company (NEDSTA) that measures the number of hits on La Prensa San Diego, recorded 6,499 pages were viewed from our site! Countries keeping a close tab on what comes out in La Prensa San Diego, during that period, included the United States as a whole, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, and Peru. The heaviest day occurred on October 31, when 611 pages were viewed! Since January 14, 2003, 102,019 pages have been viewed!

PREGUNTA: How come The Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce, who has in its paying membership every major business concern in San Diego and the county, still every year gets hundreds of thousand of dollars of Tax Payers, from the City of San Diego in yearly grants? Talk about ripping off the system. Thought it was against the law, for organizations that get taxpayers monies to use public money playing politics and opposing large segments of the voting public, like the Mexican American public, by voting and lobbying against bilingual education, supporting with money and their membership and foisting Superintendent Bersin upon the San Diego School District. The Chamber has shown it has few ethics. Tezzy strongly opposes giving tax money to wealthy organizations so that they can use it to oppress the citizens of San Diego County!

Bueno Gente. Este Indio muy contento that La Gente went out and voted and participated in the political life of the country. ¡Bien Hecho y A todo dar!

Latest update on the Sweetwater Union High School Board race seat #4, conservative Archie McAllister has steadly inched past Jaime Mercado and now leads Mercado by 170 votes, as of 11/11. Mike Aguirre is hanging on to his 2000 +/- advantage over Leslie Devaney. There are still 65,000 ballots to count.

Least we forget there is a special election on Nov 16 to replace the deceased Charles Lewis in District 4, with 8 candidates running. They are, George Stevens, been there, done that; Bruce Williams, an unkown; Tony Young, another unknown; Marissa Acierto, her second run for this seat; Gloria Tyler-Mallery, would like to be first Black woman elected to city council; James Galley, an unkown; Patrick DeShields, a publisher of several community newspapers; and Dwayne Crenshaw, the runner-up to Charles Lews in the last election.


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