November 12, 2004

Looking For A Miracle

Klaire is seven years old. She wants you to help save her mother’s life. Klaire is a very brave little girl whose mother is very ill.

Now that Klaire’s mother, Rocio, is in the hospital, her father, Paul, gets up a little earlier so that he can get his daughter ready for school. Fortunately for Klaire, Paul is a good cook. Once he starts her day, he goes to work often checking with his wife at the hospital. With all this, Paul finds time to take his daughter to dance classes, bicycle riding, parent/teacher conferences and to church every Sunday. Klaire’s grandmothers and grandfathers all contribute so that Paul can visit the hospital. Klaire has a family committed in love with one another and God.

Klaire’s loving relationships to God and family have given her unusual maturity and strength. On one visit to the hospital her mother cried, “It finally happened, my hair is coming out in clumps.” Some of the visitors entering her mother’s room felt strange, others cried, and some left. Klaire very calmly got in bed with her mother to comfort her. She has been comforting and praying for her mother since she was four years old. On another occasion at a parent/teacher conference the word “survivor” was spoken. Klaire spoke, “Yes, my mommy is sick too. She is a survivor.”

Rocio Jansen is now 37. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocetic Leukemia on Dec. 14, 2001. She had been sick with flu like symptoms since the beginning of November. She was admitted into Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim to begin her treatment. It consisted of 30 days in the hospital and a strict chemo regiment. She went into remission and was checked out Jan 12, 2002. She then began the next phase of treatment. In June 2002, doctors at the City of Hope announced Rocio was out of remission and that she would need a bone marrow donor. They also said there was a shortage of donors in the Hispanic community and that there might not be a match.

Not long after this news, her hips started bothering her. A visit to an orthopedic surgeon revealed Avascular Necrosis, which is deterioration of the top of the femur. The first surgery in June 2003 put Rocio in a hospital bed and a wheelchair for 8 weeks. This was difficult for Rocio who had performed with her parents, great circus performers and gymnasts, until she was a teenager. At the time of the first surgery the family started attending Jubilee South Coast in San Juan Capistrano. The women of this wonderful church brought the family food almost every night of the eight weeks. Paul says, “We had never experienced that kind of support, except from our parents.” In November of 2003, Rocio went through another surgery for hip replacement on the same side. The surgery went fine. But, her other side started bothering her. It had also collapsed and needed to be replaced as well. This surgery was scheduled for June 2004. After the surgery the doctors told her she had to deal with the leukemia. She went into the hospital in August for another treatment of preventative chemo. Then on October 18 she went to the South Coast Medical Center Emergency Room in Laguna Beach complaining of pain.

Klaire is looking for a miracle. Her mother must have a bone marrow transplant in order to live. There is a huge shortage of Bone Marrow Donors from the Hispanic community. Donors must be Hispanic. Klaire’s mother needs both blood and bone marrow. Let’s help Klaire find her miracle. This little girl does not want memories of her mother at graduation, her marriage, or Christmas times. Help, please. Call today.

Contact: Raul Gonzalez at (949) 222-7040 or (626) 840-4664. Tell him you are calling about Rocio Jansen.

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