November 12, 2004


John Kerry Wasn’t the Loser-The Democratic Party was!

The biggest buzz, besides that of “Moral Values”, coming out of the recent election, has been the GOP inroads with the Hispanic voter. The new swing vote, they are calling it! The Hispanic vote that cannot be pigeonholed! The Vote that’s no longer in the Democrat’s camp! The Hispanic vote, the Republicans maintain, that has now mainstreamed! While there are numbers that may backup this exuberance by the Republican Party, remember this was just one election.

The Republican Party will end up with 44% of the Hispanic vote and for the first time ever, two Hispanic Senate Representatives both Republicans, Ken Salazar of Colorado and Mel Martinez of Florida. These are significant. But do not yet write these numbers in ink for future elections. One meal doesn’t signify a feast!

It was not so much what the Republicans did to attract the Hispanic vote; least we forget that the Republicans are the Party of anti-Hispanic Propositions 187 and 209 in California and the recently passed “The son of Prop 187” (Prop. 200) in Arizona. The Republican Party is the home to anti-Hispanic Pete Wilson, Tom Tancredo of Colorado who adamantly opposes such issues as the DREAM Act, and Duncan Hunter who is the main sponsor behind the Berlin Wall on our borders. Rush Limbaugh and Roger Hedgecock are the voices of the Republican conscience, which means anti-Hispanic. The Republican Party which believes in the economics of trickle down - meaning enrich the rich and let the money flow down to the have-nots. In San Diego it was the Republicans that did away with affirmative action and saw minority contracting with the City dropped to less than 1%! And the most egregious of all actions is the paring down of our Constitutional and Civil Rights. These are not exactly the issues that will ensure the Hispanic vote. It was not what the Republicans have done for “La Raza” that drew 44% of the voters to the Republican side of the ballot. The Democratic Party, and its elected representatives, has just received a political cannon shot over their bows warning them that they have taken us for granted far too long. 

La Prensa San Diego has editorialized over the past 28 years and spoken to various Democratic groups and to individual leaders of the Democratic Party to no avail. Often and loudly we have pointed to the growing disconnect between the Party and the Hispanic community. Democrats have, for too long, taken the Hispanic community for granted. For too long, Democrats have characterized the Hispanic community as social service dependent community and have used the Managers, of these paid for organizations whom they can control by the granting or withholding of funds, to control the politics of our communities.

Most damaging has been the complete sellout of the Democratic Party to the Ultra-Liberals, the Gay, Lesbian & Transvestites and ignoring the thousand upon thousands of registered Democrats who are, in the main conservative, who hold a social morale standard that they no longer see as being part of the Democratic agenda. No, Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans, in a word, La Raza, did not leave the Democratic Party. The Party left us. After years of neglect, our people are no longer satisfied with tokenship, we are part of these United States and we have paid our dues. The messages were delivered loud and clear this past election. If our people cannot get representation by any of the established parties, then they will look elsewhere or create their own Party.  

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