November 11, 2005

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

World’s Largest Bullring Celebrates 60th Birthday

Enrique Ponce Finally Cuts a Tail!

It was Dec. 1, 1944.  Construction began on La Plaza Mexico, which would become, and still is, the world’s largest plaza de toros.  And, on Feb. 5, 1946, the plaza became a reality. Placed in dramatic areas, surrounding the ring, were bronze monuments, sculpted by Alfredo Just. It is a magnificent taurine palace.

The first card featured Luis “El Soldado” Castro, Manuel Rodriguez “Manolete”, and Luis Procuna, facing bulls of San Mateo.

During its 60-year history, 114 tails had been awarded in that Mexico City plaza. But, last Sunday, that number became 115, as Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce cut his first tail in that prestigious arena, which has been his desire, throughout the 14 years that he has performed, there.

Working for a crowd of more than 20,000, Ponce won two ears from his first bull, then returned to register a clamorous triumph with his second bull, being granted the maximum trophies, as the crowd screamed and applauded Ponce’s spectacular afternoon with the bulls of Fernando de La Mora.

In the same afternoon, El Zotoluco worked hard, but was unable to receive more than applause for his efforts, while Fermín Rivera—who received his alternativa—suffered the indignity of having his first bull returned, alive, to the corrals, following the sounding of the three avisos. With his second bull, he was afforded applause in the center of the plaza.

Cavazos Wins Golden Ear in Tijuana

Performing before a near sell-out crowd, last Sunday, in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana, Eloy Cavazos won two ears, and by public acclamation, earned the annual Golden Ear trophy.

Facing bulls of Begoña, Cavazos alternated with Rejoneador Eduardo Cuevas, who killed poorly; Mariano Ramos, who offered a good performance, but likewise had trouble with the sword and was applauded; while César Castañeda suffered the same fate. Juan Bautista earned a turn of the ring, after the petition for an ear was denied by the plaza judge; and Alejandro Amaya, who, after failing to triumph with his bull, bought a gift animal, for which he was applauded.

Pepe Garfias Dies

It is with great sadness that Bullfight World reports the death, Nov. 1, of the fine bull breeder and good friend, Don Javier Garfias, who had suffered a long illness. QEPD

Rafael Ortega Triumphs in Aguascalientes

With nearly a half filled plaza, Nov. 5, Rafael Ortega won two ears from his second bull, emerging as the triunfador of the afternoon and leaving the plaza on the shoulders of his fans.

César Rincón was applauded for his work to each of his bulls, while Spanish Matador Morante de la Puebla was applauded for his first performance and boo’ed for his second.

El Gleason in Return

Highly controversial Matador Jorge de Jesús “El Gleason” performed, Nov. 5, in the lienzo charro plaza El Hormiguero, in Azcapotzalco, marking his return to the rings, following an absence of several years. He killed poorly, received an aviso on each of his bulls, but was applauded for his efforts. He alternated with Jacobo Hernádez (aviso and vuelta) and Ricardo Rosas (ear and silence.)

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