November 11, 2005

Emmy Award Winning Show, “Stories de la Frontera,” Examines Reality of Life and Culture on the Border

Press Pass International continues breaking language and cultural barriers with its cutting-edge, English language television series, “Stories de la Frontera.”

The third episode of “Stories de la Frontera” takes you to the international border as a Mexican teenager risks her life and the life of her unborn baby to give birth in America. Only “Stories de la Frontera” takes you behind prison walls where “Sister Antonia” chooses to live among hard-core criminals in one of Mexico’s toughest penitentiaries. Come along to a unique wine tasting festival south of the border. Witness a symbol of bi-national spirit as environmentalists plant seeds of hope along the shores in both Californias.

“Stories de la Frontera” is a half-hour program hosted and produced by award-winning journalist, Laura Castañeda. “The border is more than drugs and immigration” says Castañeda. “This is a fascinating region we live in divided by a line in the sand. We want our audiences to share a slice of life on both sides of the border. ”

The show features the work of a team of talented journalists and photographers including: Jody Hammond (NBC News), Carmen Es-cobosa (Correspondent, Uni-vision Los Angeles), Fer-nando Romero (former San Diego Union-Tribune, Tijuana Bureau Chief), Sandra Torres (formerly of WB), Sandra Dibble (San Diego Union-Tribune), and Katia Lopez-Hodoyan (La Prensa San Diego). This episode showcases original music by The Caballero-Verde Quintet, original art pieces by Ricardo Islas and documentary work by Omar de Leon.

“Stories de la Frontera” airs locally on KPBS-TV, November 15, 2005 at 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time, and is expanding to PBS affiliates in San Bernardino /Riverside, Fresno, and Las Cruces.

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