November 10, 2000


Election Day Aftermath

Reflections on an Election Day

Tuesday morning, the 7th of November, started out somewhat normal. For a change, thank goodness, there were no loud, garrulousness, political, advertisements on local radio or television. The phones were no longer ringing incessantly with campaign worker's making demands on your time and patience. Outside, one could hear the birds chirping. A lone dog could be heard barking in someone's backyard. For a moment, the world seemed normal again.

The voting polls were not more than a block away. They were dutifully manned by a dedicated group of senior citizen poll workers. Outside10 to 15 people waited patiently for their turn to vote.

"Can you believe that 150 people have already voted?" said one of the poll watchers. It was only 9 o'clock. Wow! I said. This is something else... In our polling station the majority of the voters are people in their 50's to 80's! These are not the kind of folks that would roll out of bed to vote early in the morning. Then it struck me! This is the seniors, the Geritol crowd, and the Medicare/HMO voters! Quietly, I made an exit poll. They were voting 95% for Vice President Al Gore in support of the seniors and their health needs!

At 9 a.m. I knew; Mr. Bush would be in deep trouble in spite of the millions that had been spent on his campaign by the corporate moguls of this nation. These were not the regular run of the mill seniors. These were 98% Republicans! These were retirees living in University City & La Jolla. They all felt abandoned by their party.

Today it is Thursday noon and the Presidential race has still not been decided. The Senior Citizens of Florida who claim that their ballots were printed in a way meant to confuse them. While they thought they were punching the round hole for Al Gore, in fact they were punching the hole for Buchanan! In desperation, they punched out another hole trying desperately to vote for Al Gore. Twenty thousand ballots were thus rejected! The employees of Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, brother of George W. Bush, voided 20,000 senior citizen votes! Do you get the feeling that the U.S. of A. is more and more beginning to act politically like some Banana Republic?

It isn't over till the "Fat Lady Sings." Who knows how long this farce is going to go on. Will it be George or Al. More to the point: IS ANYONE GOING TO CARE?

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