November 9, 2001

Bay Area's Los Mocosos To Headline Local "Escena Alterlatina" Concert

By Francisco H. Ciriza

San Francisco's Los Mocosos, a band that unabashedly waves its barrio banner will be in San Diego next week. The band, which has most recently has released the CD, Shades of Brown, on Six Degrees Records, is to perform its brand of high-energy Latin funk and ska sounds as part of a mini-tour supporting the Ark 21/Universal compilation CD, Escena Alterlatina: The Future Sound of Espanol, released earlier this year.

Escena Alterlatina is the brainchild of crossover publicist, Josh Norek, who is also responsible for co-founding the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference held each summer in New York. "This ground-breaking music needs to get into as many hands as humanly possible," says Norek. With that mindset, Norek devised a most interesting and innovative marketing plan for the disc. He focused much of his efforts on Anglo music listeners gaining airplay on traditionally English radio stations across the country and also offering a money back guarantee.

Julieta Venegas, the well-known and highly successful singer/songwriter born Tijuana , headlined the first series of concerts that were scheduled to celebrate the release of the album. Los Mocosos was the supporting act on those dates, and the next series of shows continuing the album's promotional campaign will now feature the self-proclaimed barrio rockers as the main attraction.

The band's bassist and spokesperson, Happy Sanchez, likens his outfit of merry music makers to other famous groups that also came from modest roots. "Santana, Malo, War, those were all barrio bands. They would all get together in the garage and play," says the outspoken, lucid Sanchez.

The band members, however, also share a bond outside of the band experience. There is an understanding tied to common experience that has served to further strengthen the bond the band shares amongst its members. "We were all born and raised in the bay area. We were all born in the sixties, we all listened to the same radio stations, we all went to the same concerts. We remember everything about [San Francisco] the way it was back in the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties," says Sanchez. "It's a chemistry between seven individuals who just want to create music that expresses who we are and where we're from in the most artistic manner possible."

The band will share its "chemistry" Monday evening downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter with Escena Alterlatina CD's on sale for only $6.00.

Los Mocosos. Café Sevilla. 555 4th Avenue. San Diego. (619) 233-5979. Tickets available at the door for $8.00.

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