November 8, 2002

Notas Politicas

Reflections on November 5th:

· Statewide: 44.8% of the voters voted! 55.2% stayed home!

· San Diego County did a little better: 49% of the registered voters voted!

· Lets assume that Statewide as many Democrats as Republicans voted. That means that only 22.45 of the Democrats and 22.45% of the Republican voters turned out to vote. What does this say about the state of the American political system in California?

· By not voting at all 55.2% of the registered voters, statewide, filed a PROTEST VOTE against the political system by not voting!

How did Nuestra Gente do in the race for Congressional Seats?

In the House of Representatives Mexican Americans/Latinos won 17% (9 0f 53) of the Seats in California.

· Dennis Cardoza (D) Dist 18, San Joaquin Valley

· Davine Nunes (R) Dist. 21, Tulare/Fresno

· Xavier Becerra (D) Dist 31, East L.A.

· Hilda Solis (D), Dist. 32, Covina, El Monte

· Lucille Roybal-Allard (D), Dist. 34 East L.A.

· Grace Napolitano-McDonald (D), Dist. 38, Pomona

· Linda Sanchez (D), Dist. 39, Southgate, Linwood

· Joe Baca (D), Dist. 43, Ontario, San Bernardino

· Loretta Sanchez, (D), Dist. 47, Santa Ana

(5 females and 4 males!)

In the race for State Senate, How did La Raza Make out? Mexican/Latinos won 25% of the Senate seats ( 10 out of 40 Senate seats).

· Deborah Ortiz (D) Dist. 6, Sacramento

· Liz Figueroa (D) Dist. 10, Fremont

· Rusty Areis (D) Dist. 12, Merced, Salinas

· Dean Florez (D) Dist. 16, San Joaquin Valley

· Richard Alarcon (D) Dist 20, San Fernando Valley

· Gil Cedillo (D) Dist. 22, Los Angeles.

· Gloria Romero (D) Dist. 24, E. Los Angeles

· Martha Escutia (D) Dist. 30 Norwalk, Whittier

· Nell Soto (D) Dist. 32 Pomona –Ontario

· Denise Ducheny (D) Dist. 40 Imperial-Coronado

(6 females and 4 males!)

It would appear that Latinas are being just a little more politically active than the men in the political arena!

Statewide Offices

Unfortunately, the large Mexican American Population of this state has had little support in contending for State wide public office. This election we have only one representative:

Lieutenant Governor
Cruz Bustamante (D)

State Assembly Races

The largest Political body in the state is the State Assembly that seats 80 elected members. Of these 80 seats, fifteen 15 (19%) seats were won by Mexican Americans-Latinos. This numbers indicate that Mexican Americans are under represented in the Assembly.

Hispanic Members

· Joseph E. Canciamilla (D) Dist. 11, Concord

· Manny Diaz (D), Dist. 23, E. San Jose

· Simon Salinas ((D) Dist. 28, Salinas

· Nicole Parra (D) Dist. 30, King-Kern

· Sarah Reyes (D), Dist. 31, Fresno

· Abel Maldonado (R), Dist. 33, San Luis Obispo

· Cindy Montanez (D), Dist. 39, San Fernando Valley

· Fabian Nunez (D), Dist. 46, Los Angeles

· Rudy Bermudez (D) Dist. 56, Norwalk, Cerritos

· Ed Chavez (D) Dist. 57, Covina, Azusa

· Ronald Calderon (D) Dist. 58, L.A. Whittier

· Robert Pacheco (R) Dist. 60 Yorba Linda, La Habra

· Lou Correa (D) Dist. 69, Santa Ana

· Juan Vargas (D) Dist. 79, National City

· Bonnie Garcia (R) Dist. 80 Palm Springs

There are four (4) women and eleven men in the Assembly. All total the Republican Party has only gotten behind four (4) winning candidates while the Democratic Party has supported twenty-nine winning (29) candidates for public office!

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