November 8, 2002


Analysis General Election: The Bill will become due in 2004!

President George W. Bush, with the flags flying high, charged into the heart of the American political landscape and did battle to win control of all the Congressional seats that were up for grabs. He destroyed all the opposition. No opponent could escape the deadly charge of the Bush forces. He would conquer! The Democratic forces aligned against him were no match. No seat, in the House of Representative or the United States Senate that was in play would be allowed to escape the grasping fingers of his greed to control every seat in the Legislature. Before the day had ended this November 5, 2002, and the last voting booth had closed, it had become clear that the president had won a smashing victory! The enemy has been vanquished and he has victory, or does he?

The Republican flag will fly over The Capitol of the United States. The Republican forces will now control what happens in the United States of America! The country is totally in the hands of President George Bush and his henchmen! He now controls the Executive Branch of our government! He now exerts control of the Judiciary (i.e. The Supreme Court & all the Federal Courts of the land), which is now packed with members of the Republican Party. The President controls the Legislative Branch of government. The Republican Party now controls the House of Representative and the Senate. The Constitutional Checks and Balances against abuse of Executive Power have been subverted. The Judiciary (Supreme Court), the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) will no longer be effective. All the Kings men are in place. The Commander in Chief of all the Military forces can rule at will. There will be no limitations on Executive powers.

The downside: President G.W. Bush has exposed his flank! Everything that happens from this date on will be laid at the feet of President George Bush and his Party. They control everything. The Economy, Foreign Policy, the Military, the welfare of the people of this nation, the health of the population of this nation, the protection of our eco-sphere, our oceans, lands, forests, etc will all be laid at his feet.

It should be interesting to see how he and his Party cope with it in the next two years. They won’t be able to blame the Democratic Party for what happens over the next two years.

The bill will come due on year 2004 when he and The Republican Party runs for reelection!

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