November 6, 1998

Peter Navarro Tells All- Or Almost All!

"San Diego Confidential: A Candidate's Odyssey"

Author Peter Navarro
Published 1998, QT Press, San Diego, Ca. 92103
ISBN (pbk) 0-9665688-7-7
Cover Design: Doug Bell, San Diego, Ca.
Book layout and design Kathy Dimas, Carlsbad, Ca.
Pp. 239, soft cover, $9.95

By Daniel L. Muñoz

Peter Navarro

It is not often that one has the pleasure of sitting down to read a book about someone that has participated in several political campaigns. It is hurtful to discover that his participation and that of his political cronies, has been totally ignored by the author, Peter Navarro.

Navarro manages to write about his political life experiences in "San Diego Confidential: A Candidate's Odyssey" in a charming and funny way. And he still managed to "stick it" to the numerous Mexican Americans, Latinos, & Hispanic political activists who assisted in his campaign by ignoring them as so much wallpaper on the wall.(Mon Candidate don't ever ignore segments of the community that have helped you in the past. You may need them again). However, that story will probably have to be written by a disenchanted Chicano who is fed up with being taken for granted by politicos begging for their vote and support only to be cast aside once victory is won.

Peter Navarro, who in his several incarnations tried to pass as a `Latino,' `Italian" and as an American Indian, would have raised all the funds he needed from the Viejas and Barona tribes and not have to humiliate and humbled himself before the economic élites in Washington D.C. or elsewhere. The utter destruction of his character and ego caused by his need to `suck' up to the money boys led to some of the best `zingers' in his little expose of the political establishment as it functions in the good ole U.S. of A.

Navarro does a neat job as he took us down memory lane with her `Royal Highness' "Susan Golding." (Mon candidate as an aspiring nobody you should not, like a moth, get too close to the flame of a fem fatal. You will only lose). Having tasted of the sweet nectar that flowed from the lips of his seductress, Navarro was doomed, just like all the other men in her life, to play second fiddle to her ambitions. Your race against Susan was doomed to fail once you turned your back on those little `brown' voters south of I-8.

I am glad that you can enjoy a sort of gallows humor out of your many disastrous campaign errors that you made. But Mon candidate "San Diego Confidential: A Candidate's Odyssey" is a delightful book to wrap up with over a bottle of whiskey and laugh your guts out at your expense. It is not often that a lousy candidate can turn out to be one `hell' of a humorous writer.

If you care to learn the insider's story of politics in this little city of ours, pick up Navarro's book. What the heck it is only $9.95 and you get to read all about the political dirty laundry in Americas Finest City and of all the `movers and shakers' in America's Finest City.

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