November 5, 2004

Hijole, the Gringos think that elections in Mexico are a pendejada! The Gringo PRIístas spent most of the national treasury getting George “Planta elected!” Too bad que los Democrats ignored La Raza votante not only in Califas but also Nationwide! Pos Gente, si no quieren nuestro voto Chicano, that’s Padrote! Wait until “los Alambristas” let their Gente, back in their cantones, know that not only don’t they not want them to pick the crops, but they now don’t want them the Mexican Americanos to vote!

MAPA Presidente, Nativo Vigal Lopez, was so encabronado, with the Democrats, that he changed hats and is now a member of the Green Party. Pos, he is also President of MAPA National, that didn’t endorse a Democrat nor a Republican! Este Indio wonders if the so call Democratic Party has a death wish? We know the Derechistas don’t care a frijole for us, except as cannon fodder in Iraq!

A local Gabacho sent Tezozomoc smoke signals wanting to know where La Raza voters were this year. Chispas, I signed back... ask the local Demos...“Seems they only have time for the Jotos, los “Casino Indios”, los Tintados y los Gringos! La Raza taken for granted now. Guess that’s why se fueron to the PRI’ísta partido de George Planta.

PREGUNTA: Memo to the National City, County and State Ethic Committees; Can the Mayor of National City, Nick Inzunza be a major financial contributor to a political PAC in National City (Citizens for South Bay”) which supported big time towards Prop S, (a safety Bond issue). A copycat Political mailer was also sent out supporting Rosalia Zarate, who ran and won a City council seat, Mitch Beauchamp, who also ran for the City Council and lost, Pearl Quiones who ran for reelection to Sweetwater Union High, and won and of course the political tract had a nice big picture of either Nick or Ralph Sr., Inzunza! Seems like some ‘Hanky Panky” went on here.

Nota: La Gente is getting más “trucha.” They voted to set term limits on the National City Mayors office! It passed with a voto of 69.22 % to 30.78%! The Inzunza family running out of room in National City...The voters can be fooled some of the time but not all the time!

Nota: El Jefito got the word that “La Opinion”, based out of Los Angeles received little or none of the vast sums spent by the Democrats in the L.A. area for the elections. Seems that La Raza media is good only for the free stuff. More and more looks like los gabachos have taken the Mexican American vote for granted. Maybe that’s why the Democrat lost The Presidential election! NO OUT REACH TO LATINOS, MEXICAN AMERICANS OR HISPANIC AMERICANS.

Bueno Gente - Chao!

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